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The List of Possible Side Effects To The COVID Vaccine Should Terrify You!


Before you get the COVID vaccine….IF you are planning on getting the COVID vaccine, you might want to read this.

No, this is not hype.

No, this is not scare tactics.

This is good old fashioned reporting.

You know, the kind they used to do maybe 50-60 years ago, where you actually go out and investigate and then report what you find?

I know that must sound very foreign to anyone who currently works in a newsroom where they don’t investigate so much as they just read the talking points that come in from their owners.

But that’s not what we do here at WeLoveTrump.

We investigate.

And then we share it with you and we let YOU decide.

We report, you decide.

Kind of like how Fox News used to be before they sold out.

So let’s dig right in….

Before we get to the list of side effects, let’s start with a couple stories and videos.

Because stories and videos can convey something much better than words sometimes.

So let’s start with the story you’ve probably seen by now.

This brave front-line nurse who wanted to take the COVID vaccine right away…..and then this happened:

Please understand I am not making light.

I feel so bad for these people!

But do not let this happen to you or your family!

By all accounts the woman was in perfect health before getting this toxic shot.

And then there’s this woman who now has a paralyzed bells palsy face:

Now let’s get right to it.

So what are the published list of side effects?

Here you go:

And before you say that’s just some woman posting on Twitter, how can we trust that?

No it’s not.

What she posted came directly from the FDA website that you can visit for yourself here:

And let me make it even easier for you.

I went to that link myself and took a screenshot of the exact page with the FDA link showing in the browser.

Here you go:

That’s quite the list!

I like how “Death” is listed.

Yeah, that’s one hell of a side effect!

I think I might just take my chance with the sniffles.

Even the people who are in favor of the vaccine are posting online about the serious risk of anaphylactic shock:

And I love how this woman admits it’s a big risk but she’s ok with it because everyone who has went into anaphylactic shock was able to be treated in time before they died.

She thinks.


Oh, and then there’s this…..according to CNBC, if you get a serious injury or die, you have NO REMEDY because the vaccine makers are immune (no pun intended) from lawsuits:

If you experience severe side effects after getting a Covid vaccine, lawyers tell CNBC there is basically no one to blame in a U.S. court of law.

The federal government has granted companies like Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.

“It is very rare for a blanket immunity law to be passed,” said Rogge Dunn, a Dallas labor and employment attorney. “Pharmaceutical companies typically aren’t offered much liability protection under the law.“

You also can’t sue the Food and Drug Administration for authorizing a vaccine for emergency use, nor can you hold your employer accountable if they mandate inoculation as a condition of employment.

Congress created a fund specifically to help cover lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses for people who have been irreparably harmed by a “covered countermeasure,” such as a vaccine. But it is difficult to use and rarely pays. Attorneys say it has compensated less than 6% of the claims filed in the last decade.

Immune to lawsuits

In February, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar invoked the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act. The 2005 law empowers the HHS secretary to provide legal protection to companies making or distributing critical medical supplies, such as vaccines and treatments, unless there’s “willful misconduct” by the company. The protection lasts until 2024.

That means that for the next four years, these companies “cannot be sued for money damages in court” over injuries related to the administration or use of products to treat or protect against Covid.

HHS declined CNBC’s request for an interview.

Dunn thinks a big reason for the unprecedented protection has to do with the expedited timeline.

“When the government said, ‘We want you to develop this four or five times faster than you normally do,’ most likely the manufacturers said to the government, ‘We want you, the government, to protect us from multimillion-dollar lawsuits,’” said Dunn.

It is very rare for a blanket immunity law to be passed. … Pharmaceutical companies typically aren’t offered much liability protection under the law.

The quickest vaccine ever developed was for mumps. It took four years and was licensed in 1967. Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine was developed and cleared for emergency use in eight months — a fact that has fueled public mistrust of the coronavirus inoculation in the U.S.

Roughly 4 in 10 Americans say they would “definitely” or “probably” not get vaccinated, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. While this is lower than it was two months ago, it still points to a huge trust gap.

But drugmakers like Pfizer continue to reassure the public no shortcuts were taken. “This is a vaccine that was developed without cutting corners,” CEO Dr. Albert Bourla said in an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday. “This is a vaccine that is getting approved by all authorities in the world. That should say something.”

The legal immunity granted to pharmaceutical companies doesn’t just guard them against lawsuits. Dunn said it helps lower the cost of the immunizations.

“The government doesn’t want people suing the companies making the Covid vaccine. Because then, the manufacturers would probably charge the government a higher price per person per dose,” Dunn explained.

Pfizer and Moderna did not return CNBC’s request for comment on their legal protections.

Is anyone liable?

Remember, vaccine manufacturers aren’t the ones approving their product for mass distribution. That is the job of the FDA.

Which begs the question, can you sue the U.S. government if you have an extraordinarily bad reaction to a vaccine?

Again, the answer is no.

“You can’t sue the FDA for approving or disapproving a drug,” said Dorit Reiss, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law. “That’s part of its sovereign immunity.”


Ok, now if you’re easily offended don’t watch this last one.

You’ve been warned.

Don’t email me saying you were offended by this.

Since this article has been very serious, I thought we should end with this one and all have a little laugh (even though the planned-demic and vaccine are no laughing matter):


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