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Newsom’s Government Minders Shut Down Local Businessman’s Shop. His Response: “Are You Going To Pay My Rent?”

The unconstitutional lockdowns in left wing states, are choking off small businesses and destroying the rights of Americans, now citizens have begun to fight back


“The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state” -Tacitus 

Gavin Newsom is cannibalizing his own people. While he wines and dines in upscale resturants while he keeps his own business open. 

He is doing all of this on the dime of the good people of California who pay the highest income taxes in The United States. And now, some of the highest fines levied for “pandemic” regulations. 

There is a term for this kind of behavior: parasitic. 

Gavin Newsom is a parasite, and the army of government minders and useless beauracrats enforcing these “laws” who also live on the dime of California taxpayers, are also parasites. 

Cuomo and De Blasio of New York, are also no different. Together these three form the Axis Of Evil, which is hellbent on turning this country into thier own personal checking gulag. 

It’s a wonder why people are leaving these states in droves, in a mass exodus if you will. 

Small business owners, and citizens in California are now rising up, whether it be the petition to recall Gavin Newsom, or some good old civil disobedience, people are rising up. 

Take a look: 

The Red State Observer highlighted one small shop owner's struggle: 

Though states like Florida have shown that much of the coronavirus “mitigation” being done in other parts of the country is pointless, Democrat states like California continue to worship at the alter of overly strict guidelines and lock downs.

One man has had enough. A video came out yesterday that shows the owner of Nick the Greek in San Jose. He’s being giving a citation for not closing after a previous, nonsensical order to do so. Things get really heated.

This inspector starts lecturing the owner in the tone you’d expect from some government flack. You hear her say that he “chose to make these decisions,” as if he chose to have his restaurant shut down based on nothing of substance. And while I have some sympathy for the fact that these people are just doing their jobs, I don’t have that much given how long this has gone on and the fact that none of this makes any real scientific sense. At some point, good people have to stand up and say enough is enough. I don’t care if you are getting a state issued pay-check. That’s not an excuse forever.

The Christian Post had more to say on California civil disobedience: 

Republican lawmakers in the California state legislature are advocating for people to engage in civil disobedience and are pushing back against new COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The new regulations, which went into effect Tuesday, place 94% of Golden State residents under serious restrictions. Forty-one of the state's 58 counties are now in purple tier status, the most stringent category. The state uses a color-coded system to indicate levels of restrictions.

State Assemblyman James Gallagher, a Republican from Yuba City, is urging citizens to ignore the new rules.

“The Governor and state bureaucrats can color code counties and change rules as they go, but the basics remain the same: We are all free people who can exercise our freedom responsibly,” Gallagher said in a released statement shared with The Christian Post.

“The Government can only take what you let them. I don’t think you should close your business, church, or school. I would encourage you to keep them open. I don’t think you need to cancel Thanksgiving.”


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