Bo Polny Says Get Ready For a CHRISTmas Miracle Coming Soon! Trump Wins!


Loyal readers of WeLoveTrump know I am a big fan of Bo Polny.

I’ve had him on my show twice and I look forward to having him on again soon.

Bo is a cycle analyst, meaning he takes the timeframes established in the Bible and applies them to our current times.

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And doing that has led Bo to be incredibly accurate with past predictions about what would be coming next in our world.

Bo has also been on record saying President Trump won the election and will eventually be rightfully declared the winner.

He hasn’t backed off that at all, and in a recent interview he says that based on the time cycles he is watching, he still expects a CHRISTmas miracle to be coming soon.


What I find so interesting is how all the prophets all seem to be speaking with one voice.

Many of them don’t even know each other, and yet when I heard Christmas Miracle it instantly reminded me of this:

Please enjoy this short video, Robin starts about halfway through:


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And in case that gets deleted, I’ve saved a copy.

Backup here on Rumble:


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