Lin Wood Says If SCOTUS Won’t Act, President Trump Should Declare Martial and Hold a New Election


So this apparently happened a few days ago but I never saw it.

I’m guessing you may not have either.

Attorney L. Lin Wood went on record saying if the Supreme Court won’t act, then President Trump should hold a new, fair and honest election under Military Law.

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And wouldn’t it be FASCINATING to see how different the results could be?

Lin Wood said this before the Texas case was declined by SCOTUS, so he appears to have been ahead of his time.

And here we are.

Take a look:

Here was Wood’s actual Tweet:

He also apparently said the same thing on Newsmax in an interview.

So….what do you think?

I am curious if you support this idea because it might be necessary.

Do 80 million Americans have Trump’s back on this one?

Tap here to add your vote…..👇

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Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Are we about to see the second Revolution in our country?

Or maybe a second Civil War?

One fought in the Media and online?

We are with you Mr. President.

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We will always have your back.

Do what’s right for America.

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