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Bernie Sanders Changes His Tune, Finally Admits To Democrats Stalling Efforts For Stimulus Relief Bill

The Democratic Socialist let it slip, that it was his party that deliberately delayed a Covid-19 stimulus package to millions of Americans who desperately needed it


What a pleasant surprise! 

While most democrats are off stealing elections and coluding with China’s communist party Bernie Sanders is spitting some truth, perhaps for the first time in his life. 

Sanders accidentily admitted to CNN’s Jake Tapper, that President Trump had signed off on a massive 1.8 Trillion Dollar releif package that Dems walked away from. 

This comes in the wake of comments made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who cited “having a new president” as the reason she was finally willing to come back to the negotiation table. 

These people are holding our country hostage, at a time when people are truly suffering. 

Yet they bill themselves as shining examples of “compassion” 

Take a look:

The Red State Observer did some quality reporting on the story: 

The running narrative on COVID-19 relief bills is that Republicans are the ones withholding it from the people, but as Vermont Senator and avowed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders recently admitted, it’s been the Democrats holding it back the entire time.

The admission came during an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN. Tapper asked about the $1.8 trillion bill that White House Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was working on with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and that Democrats walked away from.

“That’s right!” said Sanders.

Tapper asked Sanders if walking away from it was a mistake.

“That’s what I’m saying! That’s exactly what I’m saying!” said Sanders. “Here was a proposal much much larger, Democrats are, ‘no that’s not good enough,’ and now we’re prepared to accept a proposal that has I think $350 billion dollars in new money?”

In an earlier report by Newsweek Sanders said: 

"The American people can't afford to wait any longer," he said in a recent tweet.

"Every working class American needs $2,000 a month.

"Every unemployed American needs $600 a week.

"Every American needs healthcare as a human right.

"No one in America should go hungry or homeless.

"The do-nothing Senate must act."

His comments come amid the ongoing delay over a further stimulus package, with nearly eight months having passed since the CARES Act was signed by President Donald Trump.

While lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have voiced support for further relief measures in some form disputes over the specifics of such action have led to an impasse.


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