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“World Knows Trump Won #MAGA” Banner Flown Above Everton v Manchester Game



This is epic!

A massive “World Knows Trump Won #MAGA” banner was flown before the Everton v. Manchester Game.

The stadium, which has a capacity of 39,000 people, had a front row to the incredible display.

Fans and journalists were in attendance.

It was impossible to miss.

While the mainstream media the in US is pushing the narrative that Biden won, this is yet another example of the growing backlash.

More and more people believe that President Trump won the election fair and square.

#StopTheSteal continues to be one of the most popular hashtags…

Despite the fact that social media giants have appeared to “shadowban” the hashtag.

More details on this epic plane banner below:

More and more people are doubting the media narrative that Joe Biden has “won” the election.

Remember, the media doesn’t get to choose who the next President will be!

The Standard confirms this epic display:

A plane carrying the message “World knows Trump won #MAGA” was spotted flying over Goodison Park ahead of the Premier League match between Everton and Manchester United.

The banner grabbed the attention of club staff and journalists inside the 39,000-capacity stadium before the Saturday lunch-time kick-off.

It appeared to call into question the result of the US election which was leaning heavily towards Mr Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden as votes continued to be counted in a handful of battleground states. The MAGA hashtag stands for Make America Great Again.

Despite trailing heavily in the race, Mr Trump has twice claimed he has actually won the vote and on Thursday night claimed without evidence that ‘illegal votes’ were threatening to deny him a rightful victory.

Trump supporters are rallying to support the President.

Chants of “We won!” and “Stop the steal” are prevalent at these rallies!

There is still no indication of who flew the plane…

Or who paid for the banner…

The reality is, however, that people want the truth to be known!

People love Donald Trump because he fights for FREEDOM!

Express has more details on the massive banner:

Mr Trump is currently trailing in the Electoral College and the popular vote, and with Mr Biden holding leads in four US states…

However, Mr Trump has indicated he will not accept defeat, and has alleged voter fraud – without providing evidence. The acronym MAGA stands for Make America Great Again, which was Mr Trump’s slogan four years ago.

There is no indication as of yet as to who has paid for the banner.

Despite the banner’s claims, Mr Trump’s prospects of victory appear to be remote, given the uphill task he would face to win a second term in the White House.

He has ordered his lawyers to launch a series of legal challenges…

Speaking to yesterday, Mr Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton told suggested such was the billionaire’s antipathy to defeat, he would probably have to be persuaded to leave the White House by relative.

He added: “This is Donald Trump we are talking about, he is not going to go graciously.”

Precisely why the match was chosen for the bizarre stunt is unclear, especially given Mr Trump has shown little interest in football over the years.

President Trump is a FIGHTER!

We must continue to stand with him so that he can protect and serve the country that we love!


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