LIVE at the 4th Street Live in Louisville, Destroyed By BLM


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This comes from Louisville’s 4th Street Live, a once-vibrant, thriving and FUN district.

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Well, judge for yourself:

Businesses boarded up all over the place?

And people?

Not many to be found.

Looks to me like more boards over windows than people.

On a Saturday, this place should be PACKED full.

Not in Joe Biden’s America.

Not in Democrat-ran cities.


This is the eerie, dystopian future that awaits America if President Trump does not prevail in exposing the fraud in the Courts.

Take a look:

If you like this, then you’re gonna love Joe Biden!

Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.

This is not over by a long shot.

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Trump will prevail in the courts.

You do not steal elections in America.

One more video:

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