Trump Tweets A Video Of A Massive Parade Of People Supporting Him In Nigeria


This is just amazing to watch.

A massive parade of Trump supporters in Nigeria took to the streets recently to show their support towards President Trump.

The parade was organized by  Rev. Daddy Hezekiah, founder of the Living Christ Mission Inc., and even got the attention of President Trump.

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President Trump tweeted the video and added the caption “A parade for me in Nigeria, a great honor!”.

The enthusiasm for Trump in Nigeria is off the charts!

The New York Post covered the parade and chipped in with these details:

President Trump on Tuesday tweeted an Election Day message of gratitude for a parade of supporters who waved Trump 2020 signs — in Nigeria.

“A parade for me in Nigeria, a great honor!” Trump tweeted.

The video appears to be from an Oct. 25 prayer march in the eastern Nigerian city of Onitsha, led by the Rev. Daddy Hezekiah, founder of the Living Christ Mission Inc.

There are believed to be about 300,000 Nigerian-born Americans.

A Pew poll last year found 58 percent of Nigerians had confidence in Trump doing the right thing in world affairs.

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People all around the world are coming together to support President Trump.

Sadly in our own country, there are people trying to tear him down.

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