Team Trump Feels “Really Really Good About Where We Stand in Florida”

Team Trump is very confident about winning Florida!


Florida may very well determine who the President of the United States is come 2021, as it often has.

Team Trump apparently feels very confident about Florida tonight.

The GOP claims that they are seeing a historic turnout in Florida!

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President Donald Trump chimed in on Twitter.

According to Fox News, the Trump campaign is claiming historic GOP turnout in Florida:

The Trump campaign on Tuesday claimed historic Republican turnout in Florida while touting their ground game—specifically their efforts in Black and Hispanic communities—and saying the race in the Sunshine State is in “nearly a dead heat.”

“We feel really, really good about where we stand in Florida,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said on a call with reporters Tuesday evening.

Stepien noted that they anticipate early returns in Florida to be “largely in favor of Democrats,” but cited election night 2016, saying that the results “will become much more positive” as the votes come in.

“They will indicate the victory that we very much expect tonight,” Stepien said.

Stepien told reporters that the Trump campaign has been “aggressively courting” new members to the coalition of Trump supporters in Florida since 2016, crediting much of their success to “policy achievements of the White House.”

Stepien said the campaign has had “a lot of success in developing wider and deeper relationships” with the Cuban, Venezuelan, Colombian and Puerto Rican communities, specifically in South Florida.

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Even the New York Times is saying that President Trump will probably win Florida!

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