New Michigan Poll Has Trump At 49% And Leading Biden By 2 Points


The new Trafalgar Poll is a little different than most polls.

A newly released Trafalgar poll has President Trump leading Joe Biden by 2 points in the state of Michigan.

The poll stated that Trump is leading Biden 49% to Biden’s 47%.

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Mainstream media has continued to release polls that say Biden is up by 7 points but have failed to recognize polls that have Trump leading like the Trafalgar poll.

ABC News and the Washington Post recently released a poll too.

Their poll results had Biden leading Michigan 51% to Trump’s 44%.

On the election eve in 2016, the Washington Post had Clinton winning 47% to Trump’s 43%.


Trump won Michigan in 2016 with over 10,000 votes but it seems like that doesn’t matter to any pollsters.

At this point, the Trafalgar poll is the only poll that is reflecting reality.

Every other poll is showing Biden leading by a large margin which is not being reflected at any of the cities he visits.

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