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Did Michigan Just Break the Record for the Longest Line for a Trump MAGA Rally?


Holy. Smokes.

Thank you, Michigan!

Support here for President Trump is enormous.

Michigan is poised to be one of the hottest battlegrounds next week, and it looks like Michiganders are showing up big time for President Trump.

Yesterday, the president stopped in Michigan for a rally.

Multiple people have taken to social media, claiming that it is the LONGEST LINE they have ever seen at a Trump rally!

Reporter Eric Lloyd took SEVEN whole minutes to record the entire line and created a timelapse of it.

See the incredible footage below:

The rally happened in Lansing, Michigan's capital.

As we all know, major cities typically vote blue.

For so many people to turn out for President Trump in Michigan's capital is a promising sign for the state.

But that's not all...

OVER HALF of those who attended the MAGA rally are NOT Republicans!

This means that people showing up at Trump's re-election rallies are Democrats AND Independents.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has more details:

At least 10,000 people attended the rally outside, even though it was a chilly 37-degree day...

AND it was raining!

Yet... people waited hours just for the opportunity of a lifetime to hear the President speak.

According to Michigan Live:

President Donald Trump attacked political rivals Joe Biden and Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer while making his pitch to voters at a Lansing rally one week before the Nov. 3 election.

Trump was met by an estimated 10,000 supporters who waited hours in 37-degree weather and persistent rain at the Capitol Region International Airport in Lansing, one of three rallies he held in battleground states Tuesday. The president said this election is a “matter of economic survival for Michigan," arguing his policies will result in new investment in the state’s auto industry.

“In the first three and a half years, no one has been able to do what this administration has been able to do,” Trump said. “If I don’t always play by the rules in Washington and the Washington establishment it’s because I was elected to fight for you. I fight harder than any president has ever fought before.”

The president opened his 68-minute speech by predicting a “red wave," saying he expects Michigan voters to help reelect him four years after he pulled off a narrow victory and flipped the state. Trump also encouraged voters to elect Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James and 8th District U.S. House candidate Paul Junge, who gave speeches before the president arrived.

Polls of Michigan voters taken in the last month of the election have consistently shown Biden leading, including a recent survey from Lansing pollster EPIC-MRA that found Trump behind by 10 percentage points. In an interview Sunday, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said polls don’t account for the GOP ground operation that is mobilizing voters on a scale never before seen in Michgian.

Trump accused Biden of corruption, called for schools to reopen in-person learning and celebrated the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. He criticized Biden’s support for the North American Free Trade Agreement and said his Democratic rival’s policies would devastate Michigan’s economy. At one point, Trump halted the rally to play a pre-recorded collection of statements Biden made on trade.

“This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden recession,” the president said. “It’s a choice between a Trump boom and Biden lockdown.”

If Michigan is any indication, then perhaps President Trump is setting the stage for another major "upset" next week!

Vote like your lives depend on it!

You know things are bad for Democrats in Michigan when even CNN is admitting that President Trump can win again!

According to CNN:

There's no way Hillary Clinton should have lost Michigan in 2016. And there's no way Donald Trump should win it again in 2020.

But Clinton did lose, and Trump could win once more.

That's why Joe Biden is continuing to pour resources into the state, despite recent polls that indicate he has a comfortable eight-point lead over the President in Michigan heading into the final month of campaigning.

Michigan, a once reliably Democratic presidential state, is suddenly unpredictable. The lesson learned from the last election is don't quit running here until you've crossed the finish line.

"Democrats are taking Michigan seriously this time," Rep. Debbie Dingell of Dearborn told me. Dingell screamed into the wind in the final days of the 2016 contest that her state was slipping away. Trump ultimately won by less than a quarter of a percentage point.

I was among those who missed the building Trump wave in 2016. It made no sense. Although Michigan has run anti-establishment in past primaries -- it picked Trump and Bernie Sanders in 2016, in general elections it prefers moderate presidential candidates. Trump seemed an impossible fit.

And he seems so again this year, following a 2018 midterm Democratic election sweep that booted a Republican Party whose tax and regulatory reforms helped end a 10-year recession. That was taken as a resounding anti-Trump statement, and a bad omen for Republicans heading into the next presidential contest.

But caution is the guidance for prognosticators assessing where Michigan will go on Election Day.

In Biden's favor should be the increased activism by African American voters, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Nearly 42,000 fewer voters in Detroit, a city that is more than 75% Black, cast ballots for president in 2016 compared to 2012. Clinton lost the state by less than 11,000 votes.

But even with an African American running mate, Karen Dumas, a communications strategist and veteran of Detroit politics, tells me that Black voters still aren't as excited as they were when Biden was on the ticket with Barack Obama.

"While a lot of people don't like what they have seen come out of the Trump administration, I don't think Biden and Harris have ignited them as well as they should have," Dumas said.

"People are doing their research and remember Biden's role in the crime deal in '94 and Harris' prosecutorial record and are again looking at this as the lesser of two evils.

"I see increased voter apathy. People are asking what difference does it really make? Black people have been asking for the same thing for 50 years and are still waiting."


Republicans insist those increasingly conservative blue-collar voters are moving the state in Trump's favor. They complain polls, which give Biden a clear lead, are missing the trend just as they did in 2016 because they're again oversampling Democrats.

"Internal Republican polling has the race dead even," explained GOP strategist Saul Anuzis to me. "The general environment is as good or better as it's ever been for Republicans at this point in the cycle."

Democrats must be seeing some truth in that claim. Biden has made Michigan a regular stop on his small, in-person campaign schedule. Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has also swung through, heeding those like Dingell who are certain the state is still play.

"It will be competitive until Election Day," the congresswoman told me.

My political instincts are influenced by what I see on front lawns. Drive around metro Detroit and yards are sprouting Trump signs. Giant Trump flags cover the sides of houses and wave from the beds of pick-ups and the decks of boats.

There are more Biden signs than there were for Clinton in 2016, but still far fewer, it seems, than for Trump.

This is 2020.

We can take nothing for granted.

The only thing we can count on is our ability to cast a ballot.

So be sure to get to the polls to support President Trump!

Let's send a message to Washington AND the mainstream media that we stand strong with 45!


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