Car Plows Through Angry BLM Mob In Iowa City


This happened a few weeks ago, but I missed it and I'm guessing you may have missed it too.

This is from Iowa City, IA where a mob of angry BLM and ANTIFA rioters had overtaken the streets.

Well….streets are for cars.

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At least that's what one driver thought.

And he went RIGHT through.

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Take a look:

From Local KIRO7:

A car drove through a crowd of protesters in Iowa City Friday night, hitting two people.
No one was seriously injured, the Daily Iowan reported.

“When he went through the crowd I was shocked. I couldn’t believe someone would do that. It seemed like a deliberate attack,” Erik Fisher, who took video of one of the incidents, told KWWL.

Iowa City Police said they have no reports about the incident, KWWL reported.
The demonstration was organized by the Iowa Freedom Riders, who were demanding action by the city council on issues of racial and social injustice.

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