A New Poll Suggests That Biden Is Leading Trump By 18 Points


Are you serious?

A new poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute suggests that Joe Biden is leading President Trump nationally by 18 points.

The poll states that Biden is leading Trump  56% to 38%.

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This poll had to be taken in another universe because there’s no way Trump is just getting 38% of votes!

The Public Religion Research Institute reported these details about their survey:

PRRI developed two likely voter models to measure potential support for each candidate under two turnout scenarios. If voter turnout looks similar to 2016 (55% turnout), the survey finds Biden besting Trump by 14 percentage points (54% to 40%). If voter turnout is higher (70% turnout), as multiple indicators suggest is likely, Biden leads Trump by 18 percentage points (56% to 38%).

A supplemental survey of 1,070 adults using the same methodology was conducted Oct. 9–12, 2020, to assess likely turnout, presidential candidate choice, and motivation for voting (for/against the candidate). The margin of error, including the design effect, for that survey is +/- 4.0 percentage points at the 95% level of confidence.

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Almost every poll had Hillary Clinton being president in 2016 and we all saw what happened.

Polls have been wrong once

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