Thousands Of Trump Supporters In Erie, PA Waited Hours In The Rain For Trump’s Arrival


Whether there’s rain, sleet, heat, or snow a Trump rally will always have a large attendance, unlike sleepy Joe!

Thousands of Trump supporters waited hours nearby the Erie international airport awaiting the arrival of President Trump.

Temperatures dipped down into the low 50’s and it began to rain.

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The bad weather didn’t drive away President Trump’s supporters though.

Just look at these massive lines below:

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Go Earie News covered the story and contributed these details:

Hours before the event, the couple joined hundreds of other red- and blue-clad Trump supporters in the main parking lot at Waldameer Park and Water World, where coach-style shuttle buses transported attendees to and from the airport.

As Loncarevich and her husband bought two Trump hats from one of the roughly dozen vendors working the parking lot, thousands of people were already waiting in line outside the airport, many dressed for rain on an overcast, 50-degree afternoon.

In the 2016 presidential election in Pennsylvania, Trump barely edged out Hillary Clinton 48.18% to Hillary’s 47.6%.
The way the crowd was roaring in Erie it won’t be that lose in Pennsylvania this year.

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