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45 Reasons Why I Will Vote AGAIN for President 45 – Anonymous


A friend and loyal reader of WeLoveTrump sent this to me today and I thought it was incredible!

#45 is #1 in our hearts, and what better way to honor him than by listing the Top 45 Reason to Vote for Trump again in November!

I thought these were just perfect, but I'd love to know if you can think of any others to add….

Leave your thoughts of more reasons down below in the comments.

And now, I present to you:

45 Reasons Why I Will Vote AGAIN for President 45 

For me, 

1.  it’s about jobs, jobs, jobs vs impeach, impeach, impeach.

2.  it’s about a federal democratic republic vs the slippery slope into socialism.

3.  it’s about being outspokenly patriotic and standing up for our flag and National Anthem vs coddling and excusing those who are disrespectful to our country and military by taking a knee.

4.  it’s about a president who has a backbone vs someone who will be easily manipulated.

5.  its about standing up for Biblical values vs culturally mandated values. 

6.  it’s about the sanctity of life (Trump has been the only president to speak at March for Life in D.C.) vs supporting abortion up to the last month, and even after birth (technically, infanticide). God forgive us!

7.  it’s about less government control vs more. 

8.  it’s about a capitalist economy that relies on free markets vs socialism that relies on more government intervention.

9.  it’s about following the constitution vs remaking the constitution. 

10. it’s about keeping the electoral college system of electing our president (the way our founders created it to ensure that the less densely populated states would have an equal voice) vs popular vote (essentially, mob rule).

11. it’s about conservatives having a voice vs being silenced.

12. it’s about all lives matter vs BLM. (Take a look at their official manifesto; it’s terrifying!)

13. it’s about bringing companies back to America vs putting policies into place that make it more profitable for them to go to other countries. 

14. it’s about good immigration laws and strong borders vs an open border policy. 

(Yes, most Democrats were for a wall, until Trump.)

15. it’s about voting to affect change vs rioting and looting. 

16. it’s about creating opportunity zones in minority neighborhoods vs throwing money away to politicians who enrich themselves but fail to improve the lives of their constituencies.

17. it’s about law and order vs anarchy. (What about the two billion dollars worth of damage the “peaceful protesters” have caused? Why was it not even mentioned during the Democratic Convention?)

18. it’s about supporting the police vs defunding the police. 

19. it’s about a strong military vs the depleted and weak military Trump inherited.

20. it’s about taking care of our veterans (my dad sure benefitted) vs letting the system run down and abuse them. (Trump has gotten rid of regulations that kept bad people in their jobs. If they are not doing a good job, they can be fired.)

21. it’s about 1776 vs the New York Times 1619 project.

22. it’s about President Trump’s UN policy which states that countries, in order to get money from the USA, must not persecute Christians, or any other minority religion.

23. it’s about allowing parents school choice and letting the money follow the child 

vs a largely failed government run educational system, especially in underprivileged areas where many children cannot do basic math or read upon graduation.

24. it’s about open indoctrination of students in the public school system to culturally mandated values. (As a conservative teacher, I had a front row view of what was going on, and it’s gotten much worse. I also had to deal with a union that did not reflect my values. My money was given to people and causes I would never have personally supported. I felt forced to pay my dues in order to have legal representation, if I had ever needed it. It was like blackmail.)

25. it’s about common sense environmental regulations vs the Green New Deal. 

26. it’s about supporting and being a friend to Israel vs snubbing them and supporting regimes determined to annihilate them. 

27. it’s about moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem vs keeping it in Tel Aviv. (Presidents for 25 years have said they would do it, but they did not. It took a very bold president to do this. Moving the Embassy shows we recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.) 

28. it’s about the official peace alliances the US has been able to broker recently between Israel and a few Arab nations (and more will come on board) vs doing nothing or saying it is impossible to do.

29. it’s about getting rid of ISIS and NO new wars in four years vs the chaos in the Middle East dealing with the so-called JV Squad.

30. it’s about sanctions on Iran vs giving them billions of dollars for bad behavior. (Obama’s failed policy with Iran is causing the alliances we are seeing now with Arab countries and Israel. I guess that just proves good can come from bad.)

31. it’s about taking a hard line with terrorists vs a moving line in the sand.  

32. it’s about our infrastructure of medical supplies being ready vs being depleted. (Obama left a depleted supply of basic things. Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff during H1N1 said, “It is truly a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history. It had nothing to do with us doing it right. It just had to do with luck.”) 

33. it’s about lowering the cost of drugs vs keeping the status quo and being beholden to big pharma companies. (The drug industry hates Trump because he is trying to implement policies that lower their profits. He thinks it is unfair for companies to sell their drugs for much less to other countries.)

34. it’s about bringing production of many things, including medications, back to the USA vs sourcing production out to foreign countries, especially China. 

35. it’s about new and better trade deals vs the screw America deals brokered in the past.

36. it’s about taking care of America first vs taking care of other countries while our own country deterioates. (We need to be strong to help others.)

37. it’s about prison reform vs unjust laws and years of doing nothing. 

38. it’s about giving people a hand up through good policies vs a handout. (Before the pandemic, minority groups were all doing better with employment.) 

39. it’s about an outsider vs a career politician. (This is actually a big one for me. I like that he doesn’t owe favors to anyone.)

40. it’s about fair laws applied to all vs the privileged, elite untouchables who get by with very suspicious, and possibly criminal, behavior.

41. it’s about policies that promote a growing economy vs a stagnant one. 

42. It’s about a president who was already rich and donates his entire salary to charities vs someone who has made himself and his family members rich off his position. (Wow! If Trump’s children had done a fraction of what Hunter Biden has done, you know it would be all over for Trump.)

43. it’s about traditional patriotism vs taking the words “under God” out of our Pledge. (I know those words were added in 1954, but they are still important to me and have been included all my life. Why would the Democratic Party take those words out?)

44. it’s about not bending a knee to anyone, except God, vs dressing up in Kente cloth and kneeling on the floor of the CapitoI’s Emancipation Hall to honor George Floyd. 

45. it’s about nominating Supreme Court justices who are original constitutionalists vs “living” constitutionalits who make decisions from the bench based on current trends of public opinion.



There are many more reasons I could offer, but I wanted to stop at 45. Sure, I may not like all President Trump’s tweets and sometimes cringe over his rhetoric. He doesn’t try to be PC and you always know where he stands. Actually, I kind of find that refreshing. He’s very real, relatable, and sometimes, downright funny. He says things people think, but aren’t bold enough to say. 

If Trump offends you, try reading the Bible. It is shocking to read, and culturally unacceptable! I won’t be surprised if someday the Bible is outlawed and labeled as hate literature. Or, maybe they will just water it down by taking out all the parts that don’t agree with the cultural winds of the day. Just try tweeting or posting almost anything from the first chapter of Romans; expect to be maligned or unfriended.

President Trump is very transparent. More than any other president, Trump has given access to the media. He answers questions and does not hide. President Trump made promises to the American people and he has delivered even more than he promised (without help from the House). What politician does that? Oh, I forgot, he’s not a politician; he’s an outsider! This is, actually, one of my favorite things about him. He encourages thinking that's outside the box and not just repeating the same old tired things that don't produce good results.


My vote for President Trump is not based on his tweets, personality, or his use of cuss words every now and then. My vote is not based on his past sins or mistakes (I have many, too). My vote is based on what he has done. At one time, he was a liberal Democrat; so was I. Trump was also pro-choice; so was I. One day, while reading the Bible, I was horrified to read about the ancient Canaanite practice of sacrificing babies to their fire god, Moloch. I wonder though, is it really any worse than what we do today through abortion? In Ecclesiastes it says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Today, in a lot of cases, we are sacrificing to our god, ourselves.  

President Trump may be a flawed person, but aren’t we all? He does not guide me spiritually; God guides me. The Bible, God’s Word, is my moral compass and mirror. I am thankful for Vice President Mike Pence’s influence, and I would totally trust him to take over if anything were to happen to President Trump. 

Joe Biden is not capable of running the office of the presidency. The Democratic Party should have put forth a better candidate. If Biden is elected and he cannot fulfill his duties as president, we will have President Kamala Harris. During her time as a Senator, Harris is known for the most liberal voting record of all her colleagues. Think about that!   

No matter the outcome of this 2020 election, God will still be in control. He has been using President Trump for His purposes and He will continue to use whoever is in the Oval Office.


Continue to pray for our country and leaders so we may lead peaceful lives.

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