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Trump Supporter at DC Rally: “There are Black Conservatives Who Support Trump”

"I wanted to be able to show my face and show that there are black conservatives who support Trump."


President Donald Trump’s supporters are out in full support of the president, despite the media’s many attempts at turning his base against him.

President Trump has support from a large variety of Americans of every gender, race, religion, and creed.

A young woman by the name of Alexa recently took part in the DC #WalkAway rally organized by Brandon Straka.

Alexa made sure to get across her message of support for the president: “I wanted to be able to show my face and show that there are black conservatives who support Trump.”

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God bless you Alexa, and we all appreciate your bravery in standing up for what you believe in, despite all of the Left’s attempts at villifying anyone who doesn’t follow their insidious cult.

WUSA 9 with more on the #WalkAway rally:

The streets of downtown D.C. echoed with chants Saturday as protesters from across the country set their sights on the nation’s capital.

In the morning, the #WalkAway campaign led a march to encourage people to leave the Democratic party, while in the afternoon motorcyclists from across the country gathered at the Capitol for a symbolic show of putting democracy into action.

Both groups had vastly different ways of supporting their message, but both groups wanted to make it clear that they love America.

“There’s so many lies and so much misinformation about who Trump supporters are, who the president is,” #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka said. “We want people to see that we are every slice of America -- gay, straight, transgender black, white, brown marching together, loving one another, loving this country, loving our president. And we want people to see we are not who they say that we are.”

Straka said his campaign is a movement of people who are leaving the political left and joining the Republican party.

“It’s time for the silent majority to become unsilent, and basically what we mean when we say that is, because of the silence of those, not on the left, that the left has been allowed to become radicalized,” Straka said. “And so what we want is for common sense people, good-hearted, big hearted, kind, loving, compassionate people to start speaking up.”

Hundreds of Trump supporters joined the peaceful rally on Saturday, with many sharing videos of the event on Twitter!

The Left of course tried to crash the party with their hateful counter-protests.

The silent majority is done being silent, and the Left's violence will not hinder us anymore.


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