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How Long Will You Continue To Wear a Mask? Here’s What You Told Us….


Recently we asked our readers:

NATIONAL POLL:  How Long Will You Continue To Wear a Mask?

In other words, if you're not wearing it voluntarily, but only wearing it because an employer, or store owner, to Governor or Mayor is ordering you to wear one, how long will you continue to comply?

Another month?

A year?

Five years?

Your new normal for the rest of your life?

Get the idea?

I promised to share the results with you and they are VERY interesting.

Please enjoy:

*NATIONAL POLL*:  How Long Will You Continue To Wear a Mask?  Type you answer below...๐Ÿ‘‡Type your first name:
Been done not a Sheep๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Jim

Until November 4thJinger
Only when I HAVE TO SHOP where it is mandatory!Joy
No moreCheryl
I don't wear a mast unless a place of business will only allow entry. And even then most times try to go to do my business where the mask mandate has been lifted.Jeffrey
I refuse to do it now!  It’s propaganda!NOAH
Not long !!!!!Babs
Have just about had it.Chris
I won't wear masks. They do no good and are a sign of sheephood.steve
Starting not to wear itLucilda
Not much longer....Bob
Not wearing one now.Darlene
I am DONE !   Let's make September 1 the national NO MORE MASKS day !!!Dawn
As long as it is orderedJoan
Never have. Never believed in them. I  did my research and looks like I was right. The masks are as worthless as every Liberal Governor and Mayor.Pamela
I don’t wear one now unless absolutely forced to do so!!Jen
Not much longer maybe 2 weeksMary
I would stop today. I only wear them in a store that mandates it because I need groceries or prescriptions. I don't wear them outside or at home. I want our Governor to put an end to this. Totally worthless.Ginger
No longer than 1 monthRuby
Not very much longer I just will not shop I made my last trip to walmartDena

Until my President suggests otherwise.Tom
Not much longer! Have been diagnosed with Staph infection in nose from wearing the masked even though it was washed after each use!Marcia
Through 2020. I think I’m done then.Vickie
until after the electionsJulie
If I wouldn’t lose my job I would have never worn oneJustine

I might wear one in stores and church until the end of the year. However, if numbers of covid-19 go down, I will probably stop wearing one.
Very Little. I feel it’s gotten to be totally Political. It’s a take our President down and that a terrible thing to do.Larry
Already doneRussell
Now. The only time I wear a mask is at work or going into a store. I only wear it at work because I am forced to wear it to keep my job. Half of the time I don’t wear it in stores.Bob
As soon as I can get into stores without onePatrick
I don't wear one very much.  Recently flew to MSP, had to wear it for the flights. Otherwise, I haven't been wearing one at all, and don't intend to start wearing one anytime soon.  It's a control thing by the left wing, Socialists, Marxists, Democraps.Jeff
I am a resident of PA. and Gov. Tom Wolf is really sticking it to us with this shutdown. I think all bars & restaurants should pick a date and ALL open up 100%!! It's time to unmask and it should be said "Let my people go"........I am sick of being told what & when I can do something. ENOUGH is ENOUGH and it's time to take back our country!!!! 73 years on this earth and I can't go dancing, dining, have a drink this has got to END!!! I WANT TO LIVE!!!Bonnie
I am required to wear it at work!! I don’t have a choice!! If I want anything I’m forced to wear it as well !! I do not like it at all..Susan Bigham
No moreNo more
I am ready to stop right nowSandy
4 months๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜กMary
I hope to stop wearing it soon!!Donna
Once the election is over and our President wins, I am DONE wearing this mask.
I did so when I had to go to the store for groceries but as soon as I out of that store my mask was off.
I feel the mask is making it worse. People with allergies and sinuses problems are getting and feeling worse from wearing the mask, and it breaks my heart to see little children wearing them
The virus is real, but we’ve gone through many other viruses and survived and no one wear a mask then
I feel in my heart this was just another ploy to try to ruin our economy and make our President look bad..
Look how they closed our world.. our schools, our churches.. absolutely crazy..
Sorry, I went on and on but,  I feel the media put fear in the people and used the scare tactics.
Get out and vote.. Vote RED and May God Bless America
6 monthsPatricia
I only wear it where I’m absolutely forced to!Charles
I haven't worn one yet.Dan
I'm tired of itNick
Not much longer cause I think after the election the democrats will be done with them and you will see everything open back upLenda
I won’t wear one!Marcie
I don't wear them now.Richard
I don’t wear one even at my job! They know I have breathing issues and more importantly people with hearing problems can’t read my lips if Covered. I work in a surgeons officeRebecca

I would take it off today, but I'm afraid of some liberal beating me unconscious!Sylvia
Already tired of this fake control and scare tactics!Im done now!Deb
I want it stopped last MONTH๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค. Only wear them to get groceries otherwise I won’t be let in๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ๐ŸคฌFreda
One more month
And then that’s it.
30 days.Chris
The only place I wear it is work, but that's only because the require it.  I'm a nurse.  I don't wear it anywhere else and don't plan to.  It is all a bunch of BS.Toni
I give it another month or soCindy
Ready to Stop now!Garry

I do NOT wear one nowBarbara
when they tell me I don't  have too. I dont like them ,I have  a breathing problem and they dont helpMarlys
Already not wearing a mask, except for work and in crowded store.Brenda
As soon as the governor lifts the mask mandateSusie
I hardly wear it now!Lawrence
Until I personally feel safe enough to go without a mask. I will respect the establishments requiring a mask.Sissie
I have never worn a "mask or face covering" as "mandated" by our Washington State governor and I never will.Tari
Haven’t worn one yet!Barbara
I have not or will I ever wear a mask because I will refuse to be taught how to wear a hijabJohnnie
We limit the places we go requiring masks, but the mask I wear is made out of lace...real lace, that stops nothing.  I get a kick out of the 'mask nazi's' looking at me and knowing there is nothing they can say.  I've got something on my face, and there are no requirements on the fabric.  And I'm pretty sure come Nov 4th none of us will have to wear them!!Karyn
As soon as I can get out of wearing a mask, I will do so.Sally
Don't wear one now.Lindsay
Never have worn a mask. I have COPD and mask or oxygen is my only 2 choice. My niece helps me and everywhere we go I see no masks. Drs office wants you to wear one until you get in their office and u take it off.Carol
I say no more masks!!!Donna
only when I have to and that's allLarry
only if I am forced to wear a mask at gun pointDon
I refuse to a national mandate to wear the maskscott
personally, I believe it is all fake crap set up by the democrats and socialist. Being a retired nurse, I don't feel they help at all.linda

I don’t wear one unless I’m forced to and then I wear it on my chin.
Till October...depends on the situation here in TN.Ellen
I do not wear a mask everRalph
November 3, 2020Walter
Possibly one more month...then NO MORE!Miss
I won't patronize most places if they require one. Only wear one at the grocery store because I need food.  I do not condone the masks at all.  I rarely wear one.Lisa
I refuse now ! Have COPD. Already had Bacterial Pnumonia caused by the mask !Brett
I don't wear one.  I don't go into a place masks are mandated unless it is an absolute necessity.  I do not support mask wearing at all.Judy
I’m NOT masking! Haven’t and won’t!Bethany
I never wear a mask unless forced to do so in a grocery store or hair salon or at the doctor’s. I’m getting angrier by the minute about this muzzling of America.Judi
I only wear one when it is mandated and if this goes on much longer, I will not wear one even then.Jane
As long as local govt requires/supports it!Mike
never startedm
I'm so tired of wearing one, but I want the economy to stay open...Mikki
I don't wear one unless a grocery store wont let me in...I buy groceries from farmer's market to limit the time I HAVE TO wear oneDebbie
I am already fed up with this crock.  How about today.Debra
Until I won’t go to jail if I don’t.Eddie
No moreRichard
As long as necessary.Thomas S.

I have not worn a mask since this startedSharon
Maybe a few more months, by Christmas it is gone!Judith
As long as necessary to stay well because of my age.Judy
Already There!wendy
Two weeksChristine
As long as medical professionals say it is neededLucy
One monthDana
Don't wear one now.David
Six weeks at bestBarbara
No longer...I have objected to them from the beginning. Stop it now... it’s about control and manipulationSandra
As long as needed. If everyone did this for one month, it would be a great boon to those in real danger of dying from COVID-19. And it would shut up the democrats-that's always good!!!Deb
I don't wear one now, unless made to.Suzanne
I am saying no more right now.  But....there are people in my life that are afraid of covid19 due to illness they have.  If it were just me, I would not wear that mask, except for groceries cause they will not sell to an unmasked person.  I know the mask is Cabal's or Deep State's symbol that we are under their control, so I deeply hate that mask for it's symbolism.  I hate the Nazi ideas coming from Democrats and this mask wearing is a Nazi idea for the masses.Alice
In crowds, in stores, when in close proximity. Not when outside, away from people and definitely not in my car or house.Lorraine
November 1st 2020Stan
From day one I said "NO" to the mask.  I live in a community where there are very few places of business that mandated the mask.  I did not spend my dollars at those establishments.Nancy
i don't wear one now.charles
A few months, until I feel safe.Donna
One more week.  The mask mandate is scheduled to end next Friday. . . I won't wear it another day after that.  I barely wear it now.  If someone asks me to I comply because I know they are only doing their job.Terry
One month that’s it, No more mask for me after thatJeff
Until 11/3/2020Jack
1 monthJoAnn
Stopped about 6 weeks agoJanice
I havent worn a mask at all.Jeannette
I have not worn a mask and never will. I do not comply.Karla
I have serious breathing issues so I'm saying no more right now.Bill
As long as I am required to &/or if it make people feel safe around me.Sondra
Until places of business don't make it mandatory ,I hate the mask.Mary
I refuse to wear one now. I believe masks are more harmful to us than the actual over stated viruslinda
I haven't started to wear one.Sarah
I'm not wearing one now!  This is the stupidest thing ever.Shirley

I’m done now!Elizabeth
I'm planning on wearing a mask through the winter for sure. At the very least for protection from ordinary illness as well as Covid19. After, during summer I will start to relax the mask but keeping distance in place. In restaurants I will definitely carry disinfectant wipes for the table and chairs. But that's just me. I've always insisted somebody wipe the table off if it appears to be soiled. Aaargh!Janice

Haven't  worn one yet, and never will. Stop the mandates!!!
3 monthsSusan

As long as needed.Garry
That’s a really good question. I’m not really sure!  I think I’ll know when it’s time. Right now, I only wear it when I absolutely have to.  I just can believe how many “sheeple” are out there, living in fear!!Donna
Only when it required to enter a store or with large group of people. Only till the end of October or sooner if levels stay flattened.Cheryl
I've been done for monthsGreg
Not much longer !!    Limited now !!!Charlaine
Through the remainder of 2020Charlotte
I rarely if ever wear one now. why would I continue? When I walk in Walmart I have it on but the minute I get out of sight I slip It Off. Personally I think it's past time to say enough is enough.Steve
I cannot and will not.Lori
1 DayChuck
I only wear it when im forced to right now. But myself like millions of others will get sick of it and fight back against it. I will be in that group. People are sick of all oc it and more and more everyday are speaking out and fighting. Alot of people have no choice because their workplace forces us to wear masks or else no job. Just wait , here soon many many people will fight against the masks which is a great thing.Tuesday
I've only worn a mask one time and that's because I was forced to when I went to hair salon to have a haircut.  I found it very hard to breathe with that damn thing on!Kay
One monthGloria
I do not even own or have a mask. Have not worn one.Theora
Not gonna do it never have never willTamashea

I don’t wear one nowDonna
I was suspended a day from my 'state' job for not wearing it appropriately & "putting our patients'at risk' ."...give me a break! I told my sup. "the state is a f$#&in' joke!" And I'm very lax with compliance in the community; they prevent nothing!Olaf

I only wear one when mandatory.  We will all rebel soon!
I haven’t really been wearing one unless required to get in and then I take it off.  So I started since day one!  I am done now!Jacquella
2 monthsdan
I don't wear one at allGary
There is scientific evidence that masks of all types will not prevent the spread of viruses. This is because a virus is so extremely small they can pass through any cloth or paper. My answer is no more. I’ve had enough of this nonsense.Sally
Not longCarol
About ready nowKaryn
Until it's safe not to.Donna
I wear when at Doctor’s Office or at Hospital other then that, NEVER...Michael
I only wear one to make money, not to spend it.Rick
I am just about there now.  If an establishment requires one to enter, I will just take my business elsewhere.Bill

I do not wear a mask now, why should I desgtroy my body inhaling CarbonDoxideEve
have not worn one and no issuesnancy
I do not wear one....neverCindy
NO MORE!!!!Jamie
No more after election.... so till November 3Angela
I don’t wear a mask now.Sandra
I won't wear one outside. If we eat out try to eat outside. In & out at grocery. Probably not much longer.Kelly
Not much longer—maybe only another monthEdith
Don't wear one!!!Carolyn
Just in stores where I have to.Elaine
I don't wear them now never haveSteve
I am already there but my state mandates compliance.Laura
Very soonGlen
Until the election !!!Marigene
Already don'tBetty
Already said it, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !Robert
Maybe one year!Bob
I refuse to wear one now. I tell them I have a medical condition, they are not allowed to ask me about it. (High B/P and if they try to make me wear one my B/P would go up.) Not wearing one!!!Carol
I refuse to wear a mask unless I am forced to wear it.Stephen
As long as medically necessary.Jon
I have not worn a mask at all and will continue with that tradition!!debbie
I haven't been wearing oneAnnette
Till the election is over.Barbara
I wear it to get into stores because “that women from Michigan” set a $500 fine for not doing so!Barbara
I'm over all of itLaurie
Not long.susan
Not longVirgil
I don't wear masks unless I absolutely have toMe
I have already stoppedFrank
Until end of 2020 and not a second longer.Angela
I only wear one when I am at my office and briefly then. I only wear it when I walk from my office in the building to another (and I walk fast) to keep my boss (who is only requiring it because of the mandates by our governor) happy. I will only do curb side pick up from the stores because I have extreme anxiety brought on by claustrophobia and pure anger at being forced to wear one. Most in my office and area where I live have had enough. So I guess my answer is I am and always have been “no more” already.Patricia
I don'tBrenda
never did never willFrank Howley
Not sure but I do hate wearing it.Beverly
Since the very beginning. No mask for me!Jean

I was done the moment I saw fake fauchi not wearing one or social distancing at a baseball game. It's all a hoax orchestrated by the sicko demons. I wish Trump would stop playing along and tell everyone it's a hoax and no more masks  or poison needles. Why is he embracing this?Tammy

Until I feel safe without a vaccine. I have compromised bodyLinda
Within a month for sure.  Only wear one in the stores and to restaurants (inside).  Do not ever wear one outside or in the car.Vi
One yearRick
Probably till after election because things will die down. Democrats behind scare tactics and lots false newsMary
I don't wear one nowscarlett
Already stopped per Dr. for both of usRoger and Patti
As little as Possible. The side effects of wearing a mask outweighs the benefits of wearing it. If it was so great why have they Never suggested before during flu outbreaks. Which if you think about are a control issue and practice for what is happening now.Donna
Just in storesMary
I only wear one now when I have no choice. Such as to see the dr. Our drs offices won’t let anyone in the door without one.Judy
I don't wear one now and do not plan tooIsabel
No moreJohn
Only wore one to go to the Doctor's office.Judith
3 monthsDoris
I don't wear one, and I have stopped shopping in any store that requires me to wear one. I think it's a matter of personal choice, and I choose not to wear one.Kimberley
I will continue for a little while longer but at some point enough is enough!Julie
Only if they make it a law.carla
Don't wear one nowDeb
I’m over it already.Kristina
Not much longer. My job requires the mask. Other than that, not much longer!Ralph
We only wear masks in places that won't let us in if we don't - our grocery store, hospital...Fay
I’m a RN, so I will wear to work, but that is it!Liz
I only wear a mask where it is required.  Practice should be stopped as there is ample proof that wearing masks does not prevent the spread of infections & viruses.Barb
I’m not wearing one now. I absolutely refuse.Tara
November 3Manny
I don't wear one now.Irene
Until my president (TRUMP 2020) says no more!John
I rarely wear one, only where it when I have absolutely needed to wear oneErica
Not wearing one now.Kate
I don't want to wear one but it is mandated and I don't want to break the law (hahahaha)Lisa
Until there is a vaccinePeter
I haven’t worn a mask since it all started, not even a face cover. I will have to wear one once I go back to work which is so against my opinion on the masks.Dolores
I don't.  I haven't.  And I won't.Linda
Now , No more masking , no more distancing ....Grace
End of 2020Joseph
As necessaryJoan
Until after I can get my back surgery done.. have needed it for six months, covid still has me waiting!Marly
Only if i absolutely have too. Won't wear one after the electionOrbie
I don’t wear masksJenny
No longerNaomi

I don’t wear oneClaude
When we have a vaccine that worksBarbara
November 4thKathryn


I don't  wear one now!! I have an exemption card. You can get them online. I suggest everyone gets one.Gita

The day after elections the Covid-19 virus will be over! No more masks required.Trish
I only wear a mask at places "at risk exposure" until the #'s in my state of Alaska start to declineBarbara
It needs to stop now, it's ineffective, and causes health risksLucinda
As for me, it won't be much longer.  I think this whole thing is a scam to see how long they can make people follow their  "orders" like a herd of sheep.  But tonight I got a video that I would love to share with you.  It is all about why they want everyone to hate Trump so much.  You may have seen it, but if you haven't, you need to see it.  It is very enlightening.  I am not sure where to send it to you, though.  I will figure it out .Lana
until it safejim
Have not will not complyLarry
It's going to be the Democratic way to tell who or do what they say and I'm about fed up with him right now I do not like wearing a mask they restrict your breathing I know where less I have to buy their little rulesJoseph
Stopping nowfreddie
One week!!! Sick of this crap!!!!!Jan
I've already stopped, weeks ago.Susan
One monthLinda
It interferes with my hearing aids.  Don't wear one unless absolutely have to, like a doctor's office.  Can not understand what people are saying.Robert
I only wear mask if the sign says I can not enter with out it. I figure November this democrap shit all goes away with the re-election of Our President Trump otherwise I refuse to put on a mask. After November I will not wear a mask.Connie
Until the end of 2020 maybeanne
November 3rd election day I only wear one when I have to buy food from super marketBobbie
Only as long as I have tooHelen
I am ready to take the mask off nowJohn
For ever as I understand that wearing a mask says I approve of child molestingLaura
Few monthsMichele
6 monthsArlene
I'm done now  8/20/20Judy
I don’t want to wear them and only wear them to go in stores that I absolutely have to. Need to start some protesting on this. I’m actually VERY angry about masksPhyllis
Not at all.Alix
However long they say we need to.Cher
Done nowPatricia
I don’t wear one now. In some cases I’ll put one on but I’m about over it and I feel like the majority of people feel the same wayBrent
As long as I need to in public spaces if the risk of spread is strong.Stephanie
I don’t nor will not wear a mask!Richard
I never where a mask I have traveled by car through several states many times from March and on And have never even had a hint of being sick and I was checked at a hospital last month covid-19 might be real but it is not worth stopping your life forOrlan
As long as I feel comfortable.Ann
I haven't worn one since the start.  I won't be starting now.Jenni
Haven't worn a mask ANYWHERE!!! But I do also have a Dr. Note I show, for legit reasons!Lori
August 31st is my last day to wear a mask! I've had it with this crap! I believe in obeying the laws the land, but this is getting ridiculous!Billie
I don’t know the answer but I sometimes forget to bring it with me.  So I don’t always wear it.Tina
no maskb
I don’t want to wear it anymore!Valerie
No more  maskRemy

As long as needed
Uhhhh I have rarely worn a mask from the get go.Kerry
Only wear it if in close contact with a stranger. Not around friends, family. outdoors.Beverly- age 80 years
I d not wear a mask and never haveLaurie
At stores if required only.Jim
I only wear it in stores because I am at risk and don’t want to freak the elderly out of I cough ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Sue
Until November 4thJeanette
I am not sure.I wear a mask ONLY when a sign on the store says I need to,other than that..not much longer..Barbara

Wear when we are told it is necessaryBeverly
1 monthBen
Only if I have to get groceries or meds, told my doctors & bible study group, if I have to wear a mask I'll leave.Betty
Don't wear it now if I can get away with itBarbara
Will not wear a mask at allIva
Not much longer!  I like to breathe fresh air not carbon dioxide!Rose

It all depends on the numbers in my State, my County.
Only until trump is re-elected because then the virus will magically disappearMelody
in Stores that demand itRaymond
I haven’t wore one yet.   If you have to wear one to get in , I don’t go.Jeff
Already stopped. Need a vaccine (like the flu) 30-60% effective. The numbers just don’t add up.John
I hardly even wear one it is just plain stupid even people wearing mask still get itSherry
Election dayDoris
2 more monthsjo
I don`t wear one now unless absolutely necessary.Michael
I don't wear one now, I will wear one to gain entrance to somewhere.Diana
I dont wear one and I wont wear one.Beth
In public because I have a special needs grand baby! And ONLY because I have a special needs grand baby!Jo ann
I do not wear a mask at all.I Never wear a mask
2 monthsAngela
I am not wearing one now. It doesn’t benefit anyone.Anita
Maby another three months max.Allen Williams

I’m done wearing a mask!Cindy and Bill
As long as I don't have to interact with the liberal idiots, ie self proclaimed mask police.Vern

I'm done nowRoberta
I had enough the 1st day and haven’t worn one at all.Rick
Election DayKaren
Until 9/11 then I am done! It beyond ridiculous.Margi Popp
Don't know as I do not ware one now except to go into a business that has a sign posted saying they are required. I own a business with 250 to 300 customers a day. I do not require my customers nor my staff to mask up. I would guess that about 60% of my customers do come in masked.James
If people start with a group rebelling in mass so will I .This has to quit....I can't breathe.I'm already not doing my nose and taking it off when I leave the storePidge
Not long!Rosario
I dont till have to have copd cuts my oxagen level down and makes me start coughing i know covid is real but so was the flu we didnr panic thenTerry
2 weeksPenny
Haven’t worn one yetJeffrey
I never wore a maskChris
I'm not wearing one now and only wear when required to prevent others from being physically harmed because they don't know how to keep their mouth shut and go about their own businessPaul
I don’t go where I’m required to wear a mask.  I have a breathing disorder and can’t wear oneSue
At work only to keep my job.  It's just when walking the halls which isn't much.  Outside, in my office, no mask.  I go to a store and they go hard on making customers wear it I shop elsewhere.  I want those blocking healing meds to hang.  Mass homicide at their hands.Ken

1 more month
I refuse to wear one now!tim
Here in Michigan our worthless Governor, Whitmer has ordered a manitory mask in any business.  Many businesses are telling their customers it's up to us.  Most of them are wearing masks below their nose or face sheilds instead.  I don't expect our Governor will have the power much longer.  Numerous petitions are out to take away her 1945 emergency powers.  She has done nothing but abuse our Rights as citizens while allowing illegals (mostly Muslims) get away with murder.  No more masks ever should be forced.  If you want to wear a mask, be my guest, but don't tell me I have to wear one.  I feel they harm you worse than this Plandemic of China Flu.  You can die from either!Teddy
I’m ready no moreJack
until I stop going places where its mandated.  I dont wear one now and then only when I HAVE to.jeree
I don’t wear one now and I don’t ever intend to. This is not China and breathing your own carbon dioxide isn’t healthy.Catherine
I wear one in grocery stores. I refuse to wear them outside. I would say maybe another month. It’s gone on long enough.Alan
I’ve already said no more. Have to have all groceries delivered. Saving on gas though.  LolpRobert
I do not wear oneIla

only until after the electionElla
I am already there. Sheep no more !Sharon
No more now but you have to wear them in stores. Hate wearing a mask. Will be calling my County about stopping this madness๐ŸคฌCharlotte
I am done nowJim
2 monthsLena
Not much longer!  Mainly in Church to help others feel better.Walt
As soon as my county takes it off mandatoryjoyce
As long as necessary to protect myself!!! I'm a senior adult and will try my best not to get the virus.  Since some people won't protect themselves or others, I will continue to try and protect myself!!!!Linda

Maybe a month or 2Amanda
End of 2020Pattie
As long as the president wants us to.Karen
Until Trump re-elected!Alessandro
The stores make me feel intimidated and I have no choice. I hate wearing them, even my Trump mask. So I will be forced to wear it until they say no more, whenever that will be.  Maybe forever for all I know.Carolyn
Difficult to answer.  I live in New Zealand.  At first they said that masks weren't helpful, but wear one if you want.  Now they are highly recommended, but not required.  I haven't really worn one at all, although I have had it with me.  We are dual citizens; if we want to visit our family in the U.S. anytime soon, we are required to wear one on the plane, so I presumably will.  Not thrilled about it, though.  So haven't really answered your question.  I will wear one as little as possible.Bo
I am at that point now!Fay
Until Trump wins the election.Peter
When the election is over and Trump is our President stillCatrina
No moreHarlene
I don't want to wear it now, but I will stop wearing it on November 4th.Lucy
I am elderly and auto-immune, so I imagine I will have to wear a mask longer than most.  I do not think masks are healthy, though.  We need to breathe good air.Annetta
Until I can be vaccinated.Kay
Until the end of the year. If there is no solution by then, I’m doing what I want.Jess
When stores stop demanding themMarline
As long as they tell us to.Karen
I barely wear one now but I’m retired so I don’t go out that much compared to working people and my wife yells at me to put it on When we do go out because she doesn’t want to cause a scene but I’m waiting for some paranoid  fuck to say something to me, like I said I’m retired they start shit with me one of us is going to leave on a stretcher . The older you get the worse you feel anyway so you have less fear and more anger. This whole thing has no merit in science, intelligence, or common sense, and then the longterm side effects to all the people forced to wear them . Billions of people suing governments  like they do now over asbestos โ˜ ๏ธ.James
I may wear a mask twice a week for 5 minutesMarie
Nov 3rd.Kay
not long...wont get a job now due to mask wearing. Creating my own business. I'm allergic to it!Alisa
Until the pandemic is over in the U. S. Mostly to protect myself. It has hit to close to home for me.Teresa
I don’t wear them now. I just won’t go to stores that make them mandatory. The whole thing is a hoax. Following like sheep!!!Beverly
I refuse to wear a mask period. These bas*ards are trying to take away all of our rights and I will not allow them to.Rita
I already have said no more!Lynne
Only until it is no longer legally mandatory.Marcy
Nov 3, 2020Audrey
No MoreDW
I don’t wear one.Cindy
No moreRyan
I don’t wear one got told in Costco today to wear one I said no and left went to Walmart yesterday my daughter and myself only ones without a mask
No prob it’s all BS and about control
I’m 78 yr young female and I intend to live my remaining years breathing freely
I’ve already said “no.”Phillip
I will wear a mask until this virus is gone, or until we have a cure for COVID-19.Sylvia
I have never worn a maskLyndon
I’ve only worn one 4 times will only wear if I have to.Darlene
I'm 78. I'll take it off when I feel safe!James
just to get in the doorRose
Long enough to go into doctors office and then outside. Not outside.......I can’t wear a mask long because I gave a heart condition and it’s hard on my Oxygen level.Sandra
Either till the vaccine is being given, assuming it's safe, or till I decide to become a hermit in the mountains where vaccines and masks don't matter. Whichever comes first. Oh, and then there's the apocalypse!!!Diana
I have NEVER worn a mask, except on Halloween, and will NEVER wear a mask! To require any American Citizen to wear one is unconstitutional, unacceptable, and causes serious dental issues besides bad breath! It' time we Americans put a stop to this ridiculous draconian request. It has not been proven by any doctors or virologists that it is helpful to stop the spread of COVID 19. COVID 19 is not the problem, it's the Democrats that want to remove our President!Deborha
I am already done! My City, Joplin, MO, DID AWAY WITH MASKS 8/17/2020 & moved from level 2 to level 4 on opening up our City!!Charlotte

I have refused from day one to wear a mask. I WILL NOT WEAR ONE!!!Charlene

I very seldom wear mine o ly when I got to dr appointments
Since my husband and I are seniors and he has breathing problems we probably will contine to wear masks at least till the end of the year.Harriett
I don’t wear it now most of the timeLea
I haven't worn a mask for almost 4 months now!Nancy
Not a second longer than I have to. Only wear it to go grocery shopping.Jeannie
I’m only wearing it when I absolutely have to  this is only about 1-5% of my day. And when I am forced to wear It, my mask says Trump 2020!Robin
I don’t wear one now.Romelle
Don't wear one now.Janice
As long as it takes for this shit to go awayEmery
I ONLY wear one to go to Mass to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. I do it for JESUS, NOBODY and NOWHERE ELSE. I can't wait to burn the Communist mask!!Andrea
I do not wear masks outside of work.  I move about freely and visit family often.Edie
I will not wear a mask and have not from the beginning it's all fake ......Ronald
6 monthsBernard
I don't wear one now, unless forced to.  Faith not Fear!!Brenda
I will not wear a mask in a a the the light... I won't wear them anywhere....Lorraine
When enough people ban together and do it.  Like tomorrow.Alice
Never! I won't wear one now.Susan
1 monthMark
On November 4th.Joanne
I only wear one if it’s an absolutely  necessary medical appointment! NOWHERE ELSE,Sarah
About another month max and only in a very few places.No.
It's a hoax!Ron
Haven't worn a mask yet, and absolutely do NOT plan to.Linus
Not much longer and I’m in the underlying categoryJudy Guidroz
I dont wear one but at walmart or nursing homeEric
I would stop right nowJeannene
I REFUSE to wear a mask!George
1 monthCarrie
Not long, and I think that is how most people feel. I also pray we get control over the Congress, and keep the senate. President Trump has got to win.Rosa
No more now!Carrie
Two monthsLisa
Election dayMJ
I will NEVER wear a maskShirley
Its a mandate where I live. I also have underlying medical conditions. Will continue to follow directives until its over and its OK to stop wearing face coverings.
I'm not going to be stupid and jeopardize my health, bcuz of a handfull of people are complaining they're rights are being violated.
November 4....I’m pretty confident the requirements across the board will simply disappear the way flattening the curve did๐Ÿ˜‚Deb
not sure but do hate wearing oneDorothy

Just until the election is over and that isn’t even 100% because I get sick from wearing it.
I’ve NEVER worn a mask-anywhere.Rob
I try now not to wear one!! Only if I absolutely have to. It's stupid!!Davida
As long as it takes, we have to think of Others as well as Ourselves.Sallie
Only at work, requiredConnie
Just up until the electionWilliam
I will never wear a maskPeter
I don't wear one now or ever.Ann
The only reason I wear a mask is because I believe President Trump wants us to, so it's not an excuse for mail-in ballots.
I have only wore one a couple of times.
I say tomorrow is not soon enough.
Haven't worn one yet. Except taking my granddaughter to school and my wife to the doctor's office. And I will not.Jim
I don’t wear one except at work and I’m forever taking it offCathy
I wear a Trump 2020 mask just to let people know I support President Trumpemma
At work because I have to.Vickie
Since I only wear Trump 2020 facemasks, I'm going to stop wearing them Nov 3, 2020 when Trump is reelected, unless I'm in the mood to trigger a cry baby liberal after the election.Yvette
I don’t wear them now, and companies that try and make me, I just go to another store...Richard
My job it’s required, as a paramedic I’ve had to wear one for some time now for specific patients. Unfortunately for my job it’s a necessary evil to protect me and my crew.Joe


When Trump is reelected,I am done.Paula
I am 75 years old and have autoimmune disorders and was advised on 3/16/20 by 2 different doctors to stay away from public places and people but wear a mask when having to be out!  We have had an uptick in COVID-19 cases recently in my part of Missouri so I will continue to wear a mask indefinitely!!Carolyn
I don't wear a mask! I refuse to wear a mask!Susan
Once I know Prez Trump is back in office. Then they will have to arrest me before I wear another one in a store. I'll be sure to have a stock pile of mace. Cause I know I'm gonna be tackled by someone.Dawn
Haven't worn one yet and I  don't intend to.Mary

I'm not wearing one now....never have!Toni
I am already rebelling! We are being lied too.Stella
Maybe another week but boycott most establishments in which they are mandatory.Lauri
a few more monthsLinda
Already saying NOPamela
I Don't Wear OneAnnie Simmons
I don't wear a mask now. Never did.Deborah
4 more monthsBill
Already there!!  If you want to wear a mask, have at it.  Leave those that do not want to alone.
Over the PLANDEMIC!!!
I don’t wear a mask, never have since the very beginning except when the sign on the door says you can only enter by wearing a mask. Then I walk in with my Trump mask on. I live in Florida and in my county there are some stores that don’t require a mask. But no, I will NOT do it forever, because it’s no longer about the virus!

Annie Simmons
2 monthsDanny
I only do if I absolutely need something from a store that enforces it. Otherwise I DO NOT wear one!Barb
Not much longer at all!Karen
I’m actually already stopping. I don’t wear it except to get inside when they make me but it comes off as soon as I cross the doorway. It just says wear to enter.   I’m done with the mask thing.Evelyn
Since some of the numbers are coming down I would hope not more than a month.  I'm not one to defy the law but I think we need to protest very soon.  And the absolute longest would be until President Trump is re-elected just to show I'm orderly.Jeanine
Only if required to enter a place that it is necessary for me to go into. If required and I don’t have a really pressing need to enter I will leave.Betty
3 more monthsDebbie
I used to work in healthcare, had to be fit tested for N95 mask, this crap they pushing in my opinion is next to nothing and good for very little other than mind control,  I wear one now, sometimes,  ONLY because my health is bad, I fall into several at risk categories, if not for that I would have stopped at, oh Day 1Carl
No longer wear it, but I have to at work๐Ÿ˜ก. Walked through Walmart this morning with my mask in my hand.  Hoping someone would say something to me,  I was going to reply " it does just as much good in my hand as it does on my face"!Don
I don't wear one now and I refuse too unless forcedChris
I’m not wearing one!Denise
Not any longer than absolutely necessary.  This mask business and these quarantines and shut downs are draining our economy, and causing untold physical and emotional damage.  We are in danger of losing our nationAllan
I only wear it when I have no other choice, like at the doctors office. I think if everyone  just stopped wearing the masks and social distancing it would end. However, just a few people doing it here and there doesn't accomplish much. Probably on Nov. 4th, it will all miraculously disappear.Juanita
I don’t wear a mask unless I need to see my doctor and only thenMerle
I will give it till the end of August!!Debra
Until an effective vaccine is provided.Isabelle
Maybe till end of year.Eugene
After the election no moreLithea
I quit going to the store. I now order online. I only wear a mask at the doctor and dentist office but as soon as I am in the room it comes off. And doctor and debtist are both okay with that. I will not wear one forever. I will not wear one for more than 5-10 minutes.Carolyn

Don’t wear a mask now.  Do not intend to.  It is harmful to my health.
Until we have an effective vaccine.Isabelle
I hate wearing a mask I do it the least amount possible and I only wear it so I don't create any fanfare. I'm former law enforcement and I carry multiple defensive weapons including a firearm so I don't want to have to shoot somebody or some persons because they get crazy I mean literally crazy over the fact that I may not be wearing a mask but they insisted I do or they want me to.Stephen
I would like to stop now. I don’t think it really does anythingHelen

One month tops. I do not wear it all the time anyway. Only when required.Jerry
I don’t know the answer to that question... but I have more good news. I checked on how many military men and women have been honorably discharged from the service of our country over the last decade...over 25 million. My guess is that since the year 2000 that total may exceed 50  million. Since 1990 another possible 20 million. That’s potentially 70 million votes. My guess is they are all patriots.
That’s great news for President Trump...isn’t it?
I don't wear one now, except when my work is open to customers (don't wear it when working around my coworkers). I don't wear one when shopping at various places. If they "demand" I do, I just LEAVE!!!Nancy
I don't wear one very much now!Cynthia
Don't wear all the time. But will stop real soonRosanne
Until I feel I won’t get fired for not wearing itMike

I don't wear the mask fuck the Democrats.trump 2020 going to vote at the polls.Thomas
I don't wear one now.. it's going to all be over come Nov 4th then the truths wel come outJerry
Not much longer...we are sick of this.  We are seniors, one with diabetes and the other a pacemaker!Marilyn
Until the president tells me I don't have to wear it.Mary
I don't wear one now!!!!Myrna
I rarely wear one now!Gary
Forever if necessary !!!Carole
I've never wore one!Angela
I don't wear it unless I have to use it while entering a public place. I seem to forget it and have been asked if I have one. I would stop now but it's a requirement in most placesRegina
As long as necessary to protect myself, my family, and other people.VIRIA
To tell you the truth. I’m sick ok mask. My work has gotten way out of controlMarc
Until there is a vaccine.Kenneth R
End of 2020Linda
I haven’t worn one yet and never willBryan

October 1Charles

Until there is a vaccine to cover the Covid-19.Margaret
I've already said no more. None since my grandsons graduation in June๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’™Shirley Stilphen
I have thought from the very beginning that it was not necessary, just trying to see how far they could push us & how quickly we would comply.  I only wear one if I have to, but wish it could be discontinued.  I don’t think they help.Patty
7 months.Irene
I I don't wear oneLaura
I don'tKathy

Tillthe beginning of tbe year im done you cant go into a store without oneDonna
I have not and never will wear one! My three kids will never wear one and my poor police officer husband HAS to wear one or else he faces losing his job. He has really reached a point to where he’s contemplating his job over the ridiculous regulations that keep getting tighter and tighter.Sam
I’m over this mask thing!Judy
I’m already doneSaundra
Don’t wear it.Joy


When I am comfortable not to continue to wear it.Rich

I only wear it if it’s the only way I can get into a store I need to use.Shane
I am done already.Charlotte
Nov. 4, 2020Trump

God bless all of you wonderful Deplorables!

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ


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