Michelle Obama encourages Americans to vote-by-mail or early this fall

Michelle Obama encourages Americans to vote-by-mail or early this fall

The former first lady has released a new viral video encouraging voters to vote by mail, while President Trump pushes against the new mail-in voting system.

The former first lady, Michelle Obama, has been encouraging voters from across America to vote by mail or vote early on as the November elections approach during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Obama has asked voters to make sure they and their friends and family  are registered to vote, educated on their options and consider early voting or voting by mail.

In 2018, Obama helped start When We All Vote, an organization dedicated to pushing more voter participation for future elections.  

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Here's more from our friends at CCN:

Former first lady Michelle Obama is making a push to register voters 100 days out from Election Day, saying in a new video message out Sunday that the "election could not be more important for the future of our country."

"We've only got 100 days left ... and we've got to direct every ounce of energy we have into making sure everyone we know understands the importance of their voice and their vote," Obama said.

Obama's message was released by When We All Vote, a nonpartisan organization committed to voter registration she co-chairs, which has an overarching goal to decrease the race and age gap in voter participation.

The coronavirus pandemic poses new challenges to voting and voter outreach efforts. In response, this spring When We All Vote implemented digital voter registration techniques to use ahead of November. The organization also supported a mail-in voting push meant to help alleviate pandemic-related challenges to voting in person on election day.

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However, our president, Trump, has continued to voice his concerns over this practice and the negative effects it could have, according to The Hill. Particularly, voter fraud.  He has continued to rally against mass voting by mail, which could have many negative side effects for the future.

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