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Antifa Rioters Throw Paint on an Elderly Woman


This time Antifa has gone too far. In Portland Oregon, Antifa Terrorists threw paint on an elderly woman while she pleaded with them to stop destroying her city.

At this point, Antifa has surpassed being called protestors or even rioters they are terrorists who will attack anyone who stands against them and their agenda.

Terrorist by definition is “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”  This definition perfectly describes the self-proclaimed “peaceful protestors” in Portland.

The New York Post Reported the Incident and is quoted saying:

A 77-year-old Portland woman pleaded with anti-police protesters to stop the destructive vandalism amid weeks of unrest in the city — only to have paint dumped over her head, video shows.

The elderly woman, only identified as Cobey, approached one group of protesters with her walker outside the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct station house Thursday night to tell them any destruction was “not OK,” news station KGW-TV reported.

“I just got heated under the collar and said ‘Hey, this is not OK. This is my neighborhood, you’re not helping my black friends,’” she told the outlet.

But her message wasn’t well-received by the demonstrators — who responded by hurling blue paint and tossing caution tape at her.

Video posted to Twitter from the aftermath of the episode showed a paint-soaked Cobey standing defiant as one of the demonstrators yells in her face.

“You really believe in this?” he could be heard shouting.

Cobey said she doesn’t plan to press charges, but she still stands by her message.

The Blaze had this to say about the elderly woman getting paint thrown on her:

Rather than realizing how far out of hand they’ve gotten, the violent left-wingers started yelling at the elderly woman: “This isn’t your world anymore!”

When she began yelling back at the rioters, one of them walked over with yellow crime-scene tape and placed it on her before wrapping it around her head:

After the elderly woman hollered at the crowd that “we died for you!” the same leftist who wrapped the crime-scene tape around her head — and towers over her by a foot — rushed back and got in her face, leaned down, and yelled at her.

It’s not clear exactly what either of them said, but the elderly woman appeared to tell the rioter that she took part in marching.

It’s unbelievable how people are portraying evil as good and good as evil. If the city of Portland doesn’t act soon, the attacks will continue.

Stopping an old lady from getting paint on her won’t make you a racist, it will make you a human being with something called compassion.



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