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“NO! I’m NOT Oppressed!” Young Black Trump Supporter Goes Viral for Bold, Emotional, Passionate Message



Mic. Drop.

A young black Trump supporter is going viral for her bold, emotional, and passionate video posted to social media.

The girl, who is currently unidentified, was replying to a comment that was critical of her for being a black Trump supporter.

The comment reads:

I’ve been looking at your account for less than 1 minute. You support Trump? I literally have no words open your eyes. Your black in America. Why?

In less than 1 minute, the girl in the video tore the comment apart, declaring, “Don’t you ‘you’re black in America’ me!”

This passionate video has gone viral and you can watch it below.

WARNING: Some strong language.

People are being moved by this young girl's message.

See some of the touching responses to the video below.

As BLM and far left radicals attempt to divide the nation with racial politics, more and more black Trump supporters are speaking out against this brand of politicking.

This young girl took to social media to fight back and dispel the myth that black people are oppressed in America.

According to Biz Pac Review:

The United States is being sold as an oppressive nation by a party that’s dependent on identity politics to survive, and that false image is being absorbed as the truth by too many young people in this country — even though it flies in the face of the reality that people across the world continue to risk their very lives just to make it to our border.

All of this coming on the heels of electing a black man as president. And while black Americans find themselves in a precipitous position if they do not fall in line with the prescribed narrative, that did not stop a brave young woman from speaking truth to power.

The video of the passionate young woman talking about her family’s experiences, and her mother rising above the obstacles placed before her is taking the nation by storm.

She said her mother grew up in a series of foster homes and worked hard to get good grades in school so she could go the college of her choice, only to be denied when the time came because she was pregnant.

The child she carried was the young woman speaking in the video.

“Then she had my sister two years later, then got divorced — then we were homeless,” the woman went on to explain. “She worked her butt off to get a job, get us a place and start dental hygiene school.”

“A working single mother of two going to college … black in America, and she never complained once,” she continued. “In ’05, she married my dad, because she understood the importance of having a father in the home. Had two more girls … got her dental hygiene license and my dad joined the Army. And they continued to work their butts off until they bought our house in ’16. Now she owns a small business.”

With the emotion in her voice ramping up, the black woman was clear about the fact that she is not a victim.

“So no, I am not oppressed,” she declared. “Because God damn me if I disrespect my mother by playing a victim when she never did, and she’s the one who went through hell!”

In conclusion, the woman said emphatically, “So you wake up, and don’t you ever ‘Black in America’ me again, because this is the best country in the goddamn world to be black.”

As more people get exposed to the good things that President Trump has done for the black community, they will want to vote for him in November.

Trump has accomplished more in 3 years than Biden has in his 40 years in Washington.

It turned out the media is quietly warning the Democrat establishment that Biden is underperforming with black voters and that President Trump is OVERperforming with black voters.

CNN, specifically, is worried about this.

Breitbart reports:

CNN is sounding the alarm for the Democrats, warning in a piece on Tuesday that former Vice President Joe Biden is underperforming while President Donald Trump is over-performing with black voters.

“Joe Biden’s advantage over Trump with Black voters is currently smaller than Hillary Clinton’s was,” read the headline on Tuesday from CNN’s Harry Enten.

The opening paragraphs of Enten’s article note that despite Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests nationwide since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the incumbent GOP president is outperforming expectations against the presumptive Democrat nominee in the black community. Despite a drop for Trump in national polls during the timeframe of the protests, with black voters Trump remains firmly where he was before—and Biden is not gaining any support either.

“The death of George Floyd and subsequent protests reshaped the presidential race. It brought race relations, racism and police brutality to the forefront,” Enten wrote. “In that time, former Vice President Joe Biden’s advantage over President Donald Trump expanded from about six points to closer to 10 points. Interestingly, however, Trump continues to do something perhaps unexpectedly among Black voters: Hold his own against Biden relative to many people’s expectations.”

Enten analyzed at least ten surveys that featured live interviews since the beginning of BLM protests, accounting for more than 1,000 total black voters. What he found was bad for Biden, and good for Trump.

“Biden leads in those polls by an 83% to 8%, or 75-point, margin,” Enten wrote. “That, of course, is a huge advantage for Biden, but it also represents a small improvement for Trump since 2016. Hillary Clinton was ahead of Trump by a 79-point margin among Black registered voters in the pre-election polls taken right before the 2016 election, as compiled by the New York Times’ Nate Cohn. Biden, for what it’s worth, is equaling Clinton’s 83% in those polls. Trump’s picking up a lot of the vote that went to third-party candidates.”

While the percentages on the margins in the black community are very small in the “grand scheme,” Enten notes, this stronger-than-expected performance by Trump with black voters and weaker-than-expected showing from Biden could make a huge difference in a close election.

“Given the way margins of error work (i.e. it gets smaller as the result gets more extreme), this slight improvement for Trump from 2016 is statistically significant,” Enten wrote. “Biden currently has such a large lead overall that Trump’s small gain among Black voters doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of the 2020 election. But if the race for president tightens, Trump’s small gain with Black voters could make a difference. It could cost Biden 0.5 points nationally on the whole compared to where Clinton ended up. That may not seem like a lot, though it could make the difference in a close election. And, of course, Biden’s margin with Black voters may tighten further if the margin with other voters also shifts.”

CNN is hardly the first to notice Biden’s serious problem in the black community. USA Today earlier in July published a feature piece headlined “Young Black voters say they aren’t enthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency.”

In it, author Rebecca Morin quotes a number of black voters who are unimpressed with Biden. Then Morin noted a trend that Enten later picked up on at CNN: Biden has a polling problem with black voters.

“With the November election four months away, polling shows Biden’s support with younger Black voters trailing significantly behind that of older Black voters,” Morin wrote. “And while polls show the majority of young Black voters support Biden over President Donald Trump, many are unenthusiastic at best or hesitant at worst.”

The polls really are starting to look eerily familiar to 2016.

While conventional wisdom said that Hillary Clinton would win, Trump surprised everyone with a sweeping victory.

Now, even as the polls show Biden is the "favorite," a closer look at the numbers suggests that the race is much closer than anticipated.

We cannot take the election for granted.

All of us must vote in November to save our country and guarantee 4 MORE YEARS of President Trump!


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