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BLM “Protestors” Attack Officers On Brooklyn Bridge

NYPD Officers were left bloody by the attack in the latest escalation against police in the city.


Peaceful Protestors strike again. 


This time they assaulted NYPD police officers, including the “highest ranking officer in uniform,” Terence Monahan.

From our friends at Fox News:

A protester assaulted a group of New York Police Department (NYPD) cops, including the highest-ranking uniformed member of the department, on Wednesday during a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge, according to police and footage of the attack.

The NYPD announced in a tweet around 12:30 p.m. that at least three officers were hurt by someone swinging a long object at the officers while they were placing someone under arrest on the opposite side of one of the bridge’s fences.

A police department spokesperson said the Chief of Department, Terence Monahan, is the other white-shirt member of the department seen in the video with the group at the time of the attack and suffered a non-life-threatening hand injury.

The video shows someone from the group along the bridge approaching the edge of the fence, leaning over and whacking the officers huddled against the barrier.

After the first melee, another chaotic brawl occurred between more protesters and police near the where the first one happened.

One officer suffered a broken eye socket, NYPD Lt. John Grimpel told Fox News. In total, 37 people were arrested from the protest.

Patchalso covered the protests and ensuing assaults that took place on the Brooklyn Bridge:

A Gothamist reporter at the scene tweeted that a pro-police "Blue Lives Matter" demonstrators crossed paths with Black Lives Matter protesters, who linked arms to prevent their passage across the bridge.

The Blue Lives Matter group marched with a black-led prayer group, Gothamist later reported. Many in the prayer march felt their event was "hijacked" by police, the report states.

NYPD Chief of Department Terrence Monahan, the department's top uniformed officer, and other injured officers were marching with the pro-police group.

At some point, there was a clash as police tried to clear a path. That's apparently when NYPD officers were attacked.

Surveillance video posted on social media by the police department showed a man on the bridge's pedestrian walkway rushing toward a group of officers and reaching over a fence to bash their heads with a cane.

Police photos of the aftermath showed a lieutenant with a bloodied face, a detective holding a bandage to his head, and a bicycle officer helping a fellow officer dress a head wound.

Monahan, who previously took a knee with George Floyd protesters, suffered injuries to his hand.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, hours after the skirmish, painted a "Black Lives Matter" mural in the Bronx and signed a package of police accountability bills into law."

Does anybody remember 9/11 in New York?

When Police, Fire Fighters, EMTs and other brave first responders ran into burning skyscrapers to their certain doom to save their fellow man?

They weren't just white officers saving white people. 

They were New Yorkers, putting the lives of any other New Yorker that was trapped in those buildings before their own. 

I thought if any department would be safe from liberal madness it would be these heroes.

But I guess some people in New York forgot. 


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