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Reports Claim Ghislaine Maxwell Has “Tapes of Two Prominent US Politicians Having Sex with Minors’


A former friend of Ghislaine Maxwell claims that she has copies of Epstein’s sex tapes.

In fact, the former friend specifically claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell is in possession of “tapes of two prominent US politicians having sex with minors.”

Ever since the revelation, the online rumor mill began spinning with theories as two who the politicians could be.

Since Maxwell’s arrest, photos showing her attendance at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding began going viral.

There are no clues as to who the politicians could be or if the tapes truly exist.

More details on the allegations below:

Ever since Epstein allegedly committed suicide, people have been wondering if we would ever get the full truth as to what happened.

Now, with Maxwell's arrest, people are hoping that the truth will come out and that some justice will be served.

The Daily Mail reports that Maxwell could be in posession of tapes of two prominent American politicians having sex with minors:

Ghislaine Maxwell 'has tapes of two prominent US politicians having sex with minors' and boasted of 'owning' powerful people, according to a former friend.

The ex-jewel robber, who used the pseudonym William Steel, said they 'forced' him to watch the footage as they wanted to convince him of their 'power'.

He also claimed to have seen clips of 'celebrities' and 'world figures' having 'threesomes, even orgies' with minors.

It follows Maxwell, 58, being arrested last Thursday on charges she helped lure at least three girls - one as young as 14 - to be sexually abused by Epstein, who was accused of victimising dozens of girls and women over many years.

Steel told The Sun: 'They wanted to convince me of their power and who they held in their grip. They boasted about 'owning' powerful people.'

He added: 'I saw videos of very powerful people - celebrities, world figures - in those videos having sex, threesomes, even orgies with minors.'

The former friend also referred to two 'high-profile' American politicians who were in videos with minors.

Maxwell, the daughter of the late British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, is the former girlfriend and long-time close associate of Epstein.

She is accused of facilitating his crimes and on some occasions joined him in sexually abusing the girls, according to the indictment against her.

Several Epstein victims have described Maxwell as his chief enabler, recruiting and grooming young girls for abuse. She has denied wrongdoing and called claims against her 'absolute rubbish.'

Maxwell was arrested by a team of federal agents last week at a $1 million estate she had purchased in New Hampshire. The investigators had been keeping an eye on Maxwell and knew she had been hiding out in various locations in New England.

She had switched her email address, ordered packages under someone else´s name and registered at least one new phone number under an alias 'G Max,' prosecutors have said.

The British socialite will appear in New York's southern district court on July 14 at 1pm and the hearing will take place over video-link due to coronavirus.

It is being publicized that Maxwell could be the most guarded woman in the world.

This would be to prevent her from committing suicide or being targeted while in prison.

If anything were to happen to her, the online conspiracy rumor mills would begin spinning.

Maxwell herself hasn't commented on the tapes.

But her former friend, Christopher Mason, insists that Maxwell has access to all of Epstein's tapes.

According to the New York Post:

Christopher Mason, a TV host and journalist who has known Maxwell since the 1980s, has said he was told that Epstein rigged his multiple homes with cameras and kept surveillance tapes of everyone and everything that went on in them.

Mason said she has access to the potentially compromising tapes.


“Ghislaine has always been as cunning as they come. She wasn’t going to be with Epstein all those years and not have some insurance,” the ex-friend told the news outlet.

“The secret stash of sex tapes I believe Ghislaine has squirreled away could end up being her get-out-of-jail card if the authorities are willing to trade. She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate some twisted movers and shakers,” the former friend said.

“If Ghislaine goes down, she’s going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.”

The source continued: “Not only did Epstein like to capture himself with underage girls on camera, he wanted to make sure he had something to hold over the rich and powerful men who took advantage of his sick largesse.

“I’ll bet anything that once it comes out that Ghislaine has those tapes, these men will be quaking in their Italian leather boots,” the person said.

“Ghislaine made sure that she socked away thumb drives of it all. She knows where all the bodies are buried and she’ll use whatever she had to save her own a—.”

If the tapes do indeed exist, everyone will be wanting to know who is featured on them.

Right now, all we have are rumors.

But when the case goes to trial, hopefully the truth and nothing but the truth comes out!


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