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Don Lemon: Obama Should Be “Front And Center” On Mt. Rushmore

Well, since we're all racists, the only way Don Lemon will forgive us is if we make Obama the star of the national monument.


When life gives you Lemon, well…all you can do is change the channel. 

CNN's Don Lemon is at it again, and as usual, he is using his platform to ratchet up racial tensions in the country. 

Since Mt. Rushmore is abrubtly and conveniently labeled racist by the entire left wing media since President Trump announced a speech there, it's only fitting that it now either be destroyed or acceptably altered.

Here's Lemon's suggestion, per Breitbart News:

Tuesday on CNN, host Don Lemon said President Barack Obama should be added to the Mount Rushmore sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

While discussing a California couple charged for painting over a “Black Lives Matter” mural, Lemon said, “You see the right-wing machine kick in, media kick in and see Trump’s poll numbers go south. They kick in with Democratic cities are in chaos right now. Is this what you want from Joe Biden? And they are taking your country away sand they are going to take down statues. Crime is rising. It’s so bad. Oh my, defund police. And the people who you saw there for the most part —not specifically, as a whole, fall for it. They fall for it. That’s why they do things like that. They want to paint over signs and think it’s our country. This is the country that we built. Even though a rich diversity of people helped build the country, and many of us, meaning ancestors, for free — did not get paid for it, could not get an education, could not build wealth, are not on statues, Confederate or otherwise, are not on Mount Rushmore. I think, listen … if they are going to put someone on Mount Rushmore, considering the history of the country, the first black president should be front and center.”

I thought Rushmore was racist because it's on "occupied" land????

Maybe it's only racist if White men are featured, Black occupiers are welcome. 

As The Blaze reports, Lemon was joined by his faithful partner in crime, Chris "Fredo" Cuomo, who of course couldn't agree more:

At that point Cuomo chimed in, saying, "Add to Mount Rushmore. I think that's first of all, it's a more salable idea than the idea of taking away Founding Fathers."

Lemon then continued his argument: "So what's wrong with all of us together thinking or reshaping our country so that more people rethinking our country in the way we think and where our priorities are so that this country ... it belongs to everyone."

"Nothing is wrong with it," Cuomo bluntly stated.

Lemon said: "Maybe some of the people up there on Mount Rushmore, who knows? ... The name shouldn't be Mount Rushmore if you talk to Native Americans. They say it is stolen land. It was only Mount Rushmore 40 years before they started to carve presidents' faces in it. No one got any money for that."

"You're totally right. The premise is where we're gonna have to work towards, which is if we all decide. It's about consensus and collective consciousness," Cuomo concluded."

Afterall, all of this is simply about ideological shaming. 

White people who didn't conquer the American landmass, or hold slaves, or carve Mt. Rushmore, must now pay the price for those who did. 

It's racial blackmail, it's political blackmail. 

The standard for Rushmore wasn't skin color, all the options were white! 

It was about honoring exceptional examples of American leadership with 4 giants that were universally revered. 

It wasn't meant to pay political ransom, and there may not be a President less deserving of Rushmore than Obama, or any of the Presidents of the last 30 years. 


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