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Armed Veterans in Tennessee Guard Local Memorial After Getting Wind of Threats

Local veterans are taking it upon themselves to defend their local war memorial.


A group of armed veterans in Lebanan Tennessee have made the decision to protect their local war memorial after getting wind of a possible threat of riots in the area.

While government and law enforcement officials stand down as violent riots grip many American cities, this group of veterans felt that someone needed to stand up for what’s right. has the story: 

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — As protests against police brutality and inequality continue across the country, some have been followed by riots. When a group of veterans in Lebanon heard their county war memorial may be a target for possible riots, they picked up their rifles and assumed position.

“A show of force can be a very powerful deterrent. We’re not here to fight, unless we have to,” Veteran Keith Sikora told News 2.

“I’m not here to promote violence, I’m not here against any race whatsoever. I’m for all good people and all good things in this country and preserving them,” added Veteran Joe Hester.

Sikora and Hester both served in the United States Marine Corps and hold the Wilson County Veteran’s Memorial very near to their hearts.

“It’s a big target because who else gave more for this country than the ones who gave their life, and if youre on the other side and you hate this country, the way they’re portraying the way they hate it, this is the best target to hit,” Sikora said.

Keith Sikora, the first man to stand watch over the memorial deosn't see his fellow Americans as different because of their race.  

Instead he states his time in the Marines taught him that we all should stand equal and united.

The Blaze reports:

"I went and served this country for the country and everybody in it," Sikora added to WKRN. "My Marines and I, we're not black, we're not white, Mexican, or Chinese. We all call each other green. ... That's how we were trained, that's how we think, that's the way we are now. We don't stand against any particular race; we stand for them, all of them, unified, and equally. We stand behind the Constitution that all men are created equal, and we will fight and die for that."

The station reported that as night fell Saturday, about a dozen armed individuals were standing watch at the memorial and said they hoped their presence would send a message.

Sikora told WKRN that protesters "aren't coming here with just words. They are people who are trying to tear down this country. That's what I stand against."

The armed vets noted to the station that they intend to keep standing guard at the memorial until they know it's safe. Lebanon is about 25 miles east of downtown Nashville.

It may be time for Americans to look to our patriotic veterans for guidance during these times.

As Army veteran Rob Smith said in an interview with Fox News last week, "We do not solve problems via mob rule."

There's a real lesson to be learned from these brave men.  

Even after having already defended their country at war, they are still willing to put themselves at risk.

Meanwhile, a spoiled and selfish portion of the country continues to loot, destroy, and ruin others' livelihoods.  

Veteran and civilian alike, we need more brave souls like these.


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