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NYC Mayor de Blasio Drowned by Boos, Shouts to Resign, at George Floyd Memorial


Well, that's embarrassing…

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was drowned out by boos and shouts to resign during his speech at George Floyd's memorial.

Some observers noted that it appeared that de Blasio was booed off the stage!

Before de Blasio even began speaking, the crowd was jeering and booing the NYC mayor.

The speaker introducing de Blasio had to lead the crowd in a chant of "Respect! Respect!" to try to get them to stop booing the mayor.

But the moment that Bill de Blasio opened his mouth, the crowd went wild… and not in a good way.

See the booing of de Blasio below:

No matter how you spin it, the crowd was NOT happy to see Mayor de Blasio there.

The booing was not sparse or sporadic.

It was so loud that multiple videos show the boos heard from blocks away.

Fox News has more details on de Blasio's appearance at George Floyd's memorial:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was drowned out by booing at a memorial for George Floyd in Brooklyn on Thursday, as the preacher who introduced him pleaded with attendees to show “respect.”

“Let us welcome with respect the mayor of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray,” Rev. Kevin McCall said.

Loud booing then broke out as the mayor took the stage, forcing McCall to add: “Again, again, again, we said respect! We said respect! Say it with me, respect!”

When McCray took the microphone first, the booing subsided.

De Blasio had also received boos as he arrived at the memorial, with crowds shouting “De Blasio, go home” as he walked across the stage.

Later, as he tried to address the crowd, his words were barely audible over crowds chanting “Resign.” At another point, the crowd chanted “Turn your back,” and many turned around so as not to face the mayor.

Shortly after, de Blasio gave up and ceded the microphone to George Floyd’s brother, Terence Floyd.

Wearing a face mask bearing a picture of his brother and a Yankees cap, he said, “I want to thank God.” He added: “It wasn’t his fault. It was his will. I thank God for you all showing love to my brother.”

Floyd also criticized the destruction.

“I’m proud of the protest, but I’m not proud of the destruction,” Floyd said.  “My brother wasn’t about that.”

The New York City mayor has taken heat from not only his community but lawmakers both left and right over his handling of the riots against police brutality that have ravaged the city for nearly a week.

On Tuesday, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the mayor’s handling of riots a “disgrace” and said he has the power to “displace” de Blasio, though he won’t at this time.

"The NYPD and the mayor did not do their job last night, I believe that," Cuomo said at the time.

Cuomo said at a press conference that the mayor "underestimates" the scope and duration of the problem, suggesting he needs to deploy more police.

De Blasio imposed an 11 p.m. curfew to quell riots on Monday, but after another night of fires and looting moved up the curfew to 8 p.m. and extended it through Sunday night.

President Trump too slammed de Blasio for his refusal to bring in the National Guard.

Will the media and Democrats slam de Blasio for the "photo opp?"

Some observers say that attending a funeral would create the appearance of using a dead body as a prop.

After all, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis,.

De Blasio is the Mayor of New York City.


It's worth reminding everyone that we're still in the middle of a global pandemic.

Just a few weeks ago, de Blasio broke up a Jewish funeral.

De Blasio slammed the Jewish mourners for not adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Now, however, George Floyd's memorial drew THOUSANDS of more people... But beyond that, de Blasio himself participated! 

Is this not breaking the social distancing rules?

NPR reports that many in Jewish community believe that de Blasio scapegoated them for COVID-19:

American Jews are finding themselves in a historically familiar position: Scapegoated for a plague.

Some of the first New Yorkers to contract the coronavirus were Jews in the Orthodox Jewish communities in and around New York City. In the weeks that followed, several Jewish weddings and funerals were held in violation of public health orders. Then came statements from public officials singling out Jews, and anti-Semitic threats on Facebook.

After New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio witnessed the NYPD break up a large funeral in Brooklyn for a prominent rabbi, the mayor tweeted: "My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed."

De Blasio was condemned by fellow Democrats and American Jews. There is no data indicating religious Jews are violating social distancing rules at a greater rate than other demographic groups. While there have been high-profile incidents of police disrupting Jewish gatherings, the NYPD has also made arrests of various sorts for failing to practice social distancing, like at a Brooklyn barbershop and at a Manhattan "marijuana party." And pictures of throngs hanging out at parks and closely congregating for the Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds flyovers indicated that not social distancing isn't a problem specific to a particular religious group.

De Blasio later said that he "spoke out of real distress that people's lives were in danger." He added: "I regret if the way I said it in any way gave people a feeling of being treated the wrong way, that was not my intention. It was said with love but it was tough love, it was anger and frustration."

Just a few weeks ago, the media was condemning peaceful protesters who wanted to go back to work to put food on the table.

But now, the media appears to be praising rioters and law breakers.

While COVID-19 is certainly a serious threat to certain demographics, it appears to have more and more characteristics of a political hit job.


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