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NAACP Fact Checks Joe Biden: They Did NOT Endorse Him Every Time He Ran


Don't be surprised if Biden spends all of next week hiding in his basement.

The last 24 hours have been an absolute firestorm for the former vice president.

And that's an understatement.

After suggesting that black Trump supporters "ain't black," Biden received criticism from prominent black celebrities, athletes, and politicians.

Now, after the furor over Biden's statements, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), has fact checked Biden.

In the same "you ain't black" interview, Biden claimed that "The NAACP has endorsed me every time I've run."

Well, the NAACP has issued a fact check…


Their statement reads, "Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden made a comment about the NAACP’s endorsement. We want to clarify that the NAACP is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political office at any level.”

More details on Biden's deteriorating relationship with the NAACP below:

This is the beginning of the end for Joe Biden.

The only reason he has performed so well in the polls is because he's been shielded from the media.

The COVID-19 crisis has placed all of the focus on President Trump.

But when the public sees more of Joe Biden and who he really is, they're not going to like what they see.

Fox News confirms that the NAACP pushed back against Biden's lie:

The NAACP on Friday pushed back on a claim by presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden that the civil rights organization had endorsed him “every time I’ve run” -- stating that the group never endorses any political candidate.

“Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden made a comment about the NAACP’s endorsement,” the statement by Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP,  said. “We want to clarify that the NAACP is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political office at any level.”

The statement was in response to Biden’s claim during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” that the group had endorsed him every time he had run as he sought to tout his credentials in supporting the black community.

“Take a look at my record. I extended the Voting Rights Act for 25 years. I have a record that is second to none. The NAACP’s endorsed me every time I’ve run,” he said. “Take a look at the record.”

But Johnson in his statement said that “the NAACP has one mission and that is fighting for and advancing our Black communities towards an equitable reality.”

“Our primary focus at this moment is to ensure that our communities that have been victims of domestic terrorism and disproportionately impacted by this pandemic have the opportunity to cast their powerful vote come November,” he said.

A Biden official told Fox News on Saturday that the former vice president "was referring to his ratings from the organization." As senator, Biden had received 100 percent ratings for his voting record in the group's annual federal legislative report card.

After serving in Washington D.C. for several decades, you would think that Joe Biden knows that the NAACP doesn't endorse anyone, including himself.

Every time he gives a campaign speech, an interview, or appears unscripted, Biden inevitably sticks his foot in his mouth.

A lot can happen between now and election day.

As the pressure of the campaign mounts, Biden's performance will likely become even more wobbly.

But it wasn't just Biden's claim that the NAACP has endorsed him every time that he's run for ANY office.

The NAACP president also stated that Biden CANNOT take the black vote for granted.

Those are harsh words for the vice president of the first black president in American history.

CBS News reports:

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson said on CBSN Friday that Joe Biden should not assume he has the full support of the African American community during the election. "You cannot take the African American vote for granted," Johnson told CBSN's Reena Ninan in response to Biden's remark that if black voters are undecided between him and President Trump, then they "ain't black."

In a Friday morning interview with Charlamagne Tha God on the popular radio show "The Breakfast Club," Biden argued that his presidential campaign was doing enough to reach out to black voters.

"If you have trouble figuring out if you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black," Biden said.

Johnson acknowledged that Biden has significant support in the African American community, but said the presumptive nominee should work to maintain that critical support. "You either win or lose with the support of the African American community," he said.

When asked if Biden should apologize for his comments, Johnson said the Biden campaign should take the backlash as a "lesson" moving forward. "In order for his campaign to win he must garner more support from the African American community, and those comments take away from that," he said.

"If his campaign is not taking that serious at this juncture, there's a lot of questions that still need to be answered," he said.

In the appearance with Charlamagne, the host asked Biden if he believes Democrats take black voters for granted, and Biden noted that he had overwhelmingly won the black vote in the South Carolina primary.

"I won every single county. I won the largest share of the black vote that anybody had, including Barack," he said. But despite Biden's past victories, Johnson said the Biden campaign has "more work" to do.

"We cannot take the black vote for granted. It is the vote that brought him this far — I think he recognizes that, and there has to be stronger preparation when you go on platforms like 'The Breakfast Club,' because it is an aggressive platform, but it's also a platform where many a millennial and younger African American voters listen to, and it will and can leave an impression."

Remember this: 

President Trump is a fighter.

Current national polling might show that Biden has the edge, but Trump will do what the mainstream media refuses to do: tell the truth about Joe Biden.

Democratic candidates are shielded from the media and protected from the intense levels of scrutiny that Republicans receive.

But the Trump campaign is already working to make voters aware of Biden's racist comments.

This race is about to become a lot more interesting!


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