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Vindictive Detroit Democrats Plan to Censure And Punish Karen Whitsett for Crediting Trump for COVID-19 Recovery


Has Trump Derangement Syndrome hit a new low?

Detroit democrats have revealed that they intend to vote this Saturday to censure and bar any future endorsement of State Representative Karen Whitsett.

Whitsett was diagnosed with COVID-19 several weeks ago.

After consulting with her doctor, she decided to take hydroxychloroquine, which she heard about through President Trump’s touting of the anti-malarial drug.

Whitsett made a full recovery and credited President Trump as well as the drug for saving her life.

She even visited President Trump and Vice President Pence in the White House to thank them for the effective treatment and for the fight against the novel coronavirus.

But instead of celebrating her recovery, the Detroit Democratic is mad at Whitsett for praising Trump.

They intend to vote on Saturday to censure her and ban any future endorsement of her, simply because she credited the president for saving her life against this deadly virus.

Talk about TDS!

More details on this ridiculously vengeful vote below:

Whatever happened to unity and bi-partisan achievements, especially during times of national crisis?

Instead of celebrating the full recovery of Karen Whitsett thanks to hydroxychloroquine, the Detoit Democrats would rather censure and discipline her instead.

The Detroit News reports that the vote will take place this Saturday:

Detroit Democrats plan to vote Saturday to censure and bar any future endorsements of a Democratic lawmaker who credited President Donald Trump with advocating for the drug that she said cured her of COVID-19.

State Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, broke protocol by meeting with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence during an April 14 meeting of COVID-19 survivors, during which she credited hydroxychloroquine for saving her life.

“Thank you for everything that you have done,” Whitsett told Trump at the meeting. “I did not know that saying thank you had a political line. … I’m telling my story and my truth, and this how I feel and these are my words.”

The meeting and other comments Whitsett made prior to and during the coronavirus pandemic have landed her in hot water with the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization.

The group, as first reported by Gongwer News Service, plans to vote Saturday via Zoom on a resolution to censure Whitsett, a first-term lawmaker representing the 9th Michigan House District.

The admonition means she will not get the group’s endorsement for this year nor will she be able to engage in the group’s activities for the next two election cycles.

“At the end of the day, we have political systems,” said Jonathan Kinloch, chairman of the organization. “We have political parties, and political parties exist for a reason."

“They do not belong to themselves,” Kinloch said of endorsed candidates and elected officials. “They belong to the members and precinct delegates of the Democratic Party.”

Whitsett has been a loyal member of the Democratic party.

Ever since her full recover, she's volunteered to deliver food and cleaning products to those impacted by the virus.

Still, the party has chosen to punish her for thanking the president for his leadership, even as her own life was on the line due to COVID-19.

Michigan Governor Whitmer, another Democrat, had initially banned the use of hydroxychloroquine in the state as a treatment against COVID-19 before reversing course.

Though the Democrat party has moved against her, Whitsett says that she will remain a Democrat... for now.

PJ Media has more on Whitsett's reaction to her potential censureship:

Whitsett seems undeterred by the move of her party members. "I’m a Democrat, and I plan on continuing to be a Democrat, but they will change their ways. I have my First Amendment right, and no one will take that away from me.”

The resolution Detroit Democrats will vote on Saturday alleges Whitsett "misrepresented the needs and priorities" of the Democratic leadership to the president and the public, and notes that in addition to her participating in the event with President Trump, she also participated in an event with the Republican Women's Federation of Michigan, where she also expressed gratitude to the president.  The resolution reads, in part, "State Representative Karen Whitsett has repeatedly and publicly praised the president’s delayed and misguided COVID-19 response efforts in contradiction with the scientifically based and action-oriented response from Michigan’s duly election [sic] Democratic leadership […] endangering the health, safety and welfare of her constituents, the city of Detroit, and the state of Michigan."

In short, Whitsett is being punished for destroying the false narrative that Democrats want the public to believe about Trump's response to the coronavirus.

Though the national media has claimed that President Trump has "politicized" the COVID-19 pandemic, there's a growing body of evidence that Democrats are undermining any good news that results from Trump's decisions.

The total number of deaths and infections is well below the initial predictions, which already factored in our social distancing efforts.

Several states are planning to begin slowly reopening their economies next week.


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