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Here’s How To Find Your FREE Trump Hat


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Hi there!

Noah here.

When you joined our Trump Facebook Group, I asked if you wanted a FREE Trump hat.

If you gave me your email address, an email has already been sent to you!

BUT here’s the deal….

Some of the tech companies (like the one that starts with a G and ends with “oogle”) don’t like Trump and they don’t like our message.

So if your email service starts with G and ends in “mail” there’s a good chance you might never see our email.




Like it never existed.

They like to send our messages to your Spam Folder.

But we can fight back.  

So….here’s the deal.

If you don’t see our email already waiting for you in your Inbox, here’s how to find it and claim your FREE hat!

Just tap here and follow these instructions to find our email.

And once you do that, our emails will land in your Inbox every time!

You win, Trump wins, Big Tech loses.  

Thanks for being here….

And thanks for helping us fight back against the Big Tech censorship!

With your help, we can continue to get our pro-Trump message to the people.

Thank you so much!

SIGN THE PETITION: We Need National Voter ID!

Oh, and if you never signed up for a Free Trump Hat and want to get an email from us, that’s no problem, you can SIGN UP HERE.

Ok, that’s it.

Here are those instructions again if you need them:


Your friend,


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