Joy Behar Swipes at Melania Trump: "She looks like she's at a funeral half the time"

Joy Behar Swipes at Melania Trump: “She looks like she’s at a funeral half the time”

Joy Behar was at it again on The View, taking a topic that had nothing to do with Melania Trump and somehow bringing the topic back to her and using it to insult the First Lady.

Really Joy?

So sad.

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Why do the ladies at The View seem to have such an obsession with insulting our wonderful, smart, strong and beautiful First Lady?

You can watch it for yourself here in this short clip:

The comments were ALL anti-Joy:


As you watch the clip you'll probably be thinking "did they post the wrong clip?"

This has nothing to do with Melania.

Yup, that's the point.

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It's only at the very end that they swerve the discussion back to Melania only to bury her with another insult.

And then they all chuckle.....or is that "cackle"?

So let me ask you, does Melania look like she's at a funeral here or does she look incredibly elegant and proud to represent her country?

We report, you decide:


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