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NEW LOW: Mika Brzezinski Calls Into Question Whether Barron Is Really A “Trump”


MSNBC hit a new low on Friday during the “Morning Joe” segment hosted by former-Trump-fans-turned-liberal-panderers Joe Scarborough and his wife, Mika Brzezinski who suggested that President Trump and Melania’s youngest son, Barron, might have been born out of wedlock!

The sick suggestion was made in response to President Trump’s talk on vaping in which he said that Melania’s “got a son,” which the left jumped on to speculate on tall tales about the Trump family.

Here’s the clip of President Trump’s vape talk, for reference:

Talking about this video clip of President Trump, Mika of "Morning Joe" stated, 

“Maybe it is Melania’s son."

To which, Scarborough replied,

"It is Melania's son," spurring Mika to make the low-ball hit at President Trump's wife and child, all while smiling pretentiously,

“Well that’s what he was saying, he was saying it was just her son. That’s not, that’s just what he said."

To his credit, Scarborough seemed not too happy with his partner over the suggestion, even interrupting her next sentence to cut away to a clip.

Watch here to see for yourself:

Needless to say, Americans respectful of our president and his beautiful family are not too happy with what went on during Friday's "Morning Joe."

Check out how folks are speaking out against it on Twitter:


Fox Newshas more to say about Mika's inappropriate, baseless attack on Barron Trump:

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough wasn't interested in his wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski's apparent suggestion that Barron Trump wasn't the president's son.

After she repeatedly implied that on Friday, Scarborough told her to "just stop." "We'll let the tape play itself, okay?" he asked, referring to a clip of President Donald Trump referring to his wife's "son."

"Donald Trump, yesterday, I think was yesterday at the White House talking about Melania's son and mumbling the words together," Scarborough said.

Trump, on Thursday, mentioned Barron while discussing the dangers American youth faced with the advent of vaping. "She's got a son -- together -- that is a beautiful, young man," he said.

Brzezinski interjected: "Maybe it is Melania's son ... well, that's what he was saying. He was saying it was just her son. That's not -- that's just what he said."

Scarborough tried to shift the discussion to former Vice President Joe Biden, adding that he wasn't sure what she was saying.
When Brzezinski suggested that maybe Trump forgot Barron's name, Scarborough told her to stop. Brzezinski's comments were just the latest personal slights between the president and the morning show hosts.

Mediaite also said:

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski seemed to make the shocking suggestion that President Donald Trump isn’t really First Son Barron Trump‘s father, based on a verbal miscue.

On Friday morning, the crew was critiquing former Vice President Joe Biden‘s performance at Thursday night’s debate when Scarborough referenced Trump’s gaffe at a photo op announcing the banning of flavored vaping products.

At that event, Trump remarked that “that’s how the First Lady got involved. She’s got a son — together — that is a, a beautiful young man.”

While discussing Biden, Scarborough joked “We’re going to have a new segment on Morning Joe and it’s going to be called ‘Adventures in Syntax’,” and added “We’re going to have Donald Trump yesterday in the White House talking about Melania’s son, and mumbling the word together.”

“Maybe it is Melania’s son,” Brzezinski said.

“It is Melania’s son,” Scarborough replied.

“That’s what he was saying, it was just her son. That’s not — that’s just what he said,” Brzezinski said, with a smile.


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