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Anti-Trump Cartoonist Has Been FIRED!


An anti-Trump cartoonist from Canada has been fired from his job after posting a disgusting cartoon he made onto Twitter.

What was the drawing, you may ask?

A depiction of President Trump golfing while standing over the dead bodies of the migrant father and daughter pictured in a photo that recently went viral online.

Take a look at the despicable photo here, straight from the Twitter account of the artist who made it:

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News of the artist, Michael de Adder's termination has gone viral online.

Check out the news that is blowing up on Twitter:

NBC News has more details:

A publishing company in New Brunswick, Canada, has terminated its contract with cartoonist Michael de Adder after a drawing he did of President Donald Trump standing over the bodies of two drowned migrants went viral on social media.

The drawing, which was posted on de Adder's Twitter account on June 26, shows Trump standing beside a golf cart, golf club in hand, looking down at the bodies of a father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to cross from Mexico into Texas. Trump asks, "Do you mind if I play through?"

he illustration is based off the searing photo of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, 25, and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria, lying face down in the muddy waters of the Rio Grande, which has sparked outrage and become a focal point of the debate over asylum-seekers.

De Adder announced his termination from the newspapers owned by Brunswick News Inc. on Twitter.

"The highs and lows of cartooning," he wrote. "Today I was just let go from all newspapers in New Brunswick."

Brunswick News Inc. said in a statement on Sunday it is "entirely incorrect" to suggest the company canceled its freelance contract with de Adder over the cartoon.

CBS News also had the following to say:

A political cartoonist from Canada says he lost his job after an illustration about President Trump went viral. Michael de Adder posted an illustration of Mr. Trump golfing while in the marsh below him lie the bodies of the migrant father and child who died trying to cross the Rio Grande into Texas. "Do you mind if I play through?" the cartoon president callously quips.

De Adder posted the image last Wednesday, along with hashtags including #BorderCrisis and #TrumpConcentrationCamps. His tweet received thousands of retweets and comments. 

In another tweet, de Adder explained his thinking behind the illustration: "I tried less polite Trump and felt 'do you mind if I play through' to be more delusional and dismissive of reality. It was a cartoon choice. Of course he'd be more rude in real life."

Soon after, however, de Adder said he was let go. "The highs and lows of cartooning. Today I was just let go from all newspapers in New Brunswick," he tweeted on Friday.

In a series of tweets, de Adder implied the cartoon may have been the final straw, but that he was often fearful of submitting anything Trump-related since his cartoons in the past depicting the president had all been rejected: "Does it matter if I was fired over one Donald Trump cartoon when every Donald Trump cartoon I submitted in the past year was axed?"

What do you think, does it serve de Adder right to be fired over the cruel political cartoon?

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