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END TIMES? Woman Gives Disgusting ‘Hail Satan’ Prayer At Alaska Government Meeting

Why was this allowed?


The Bible tells us we are living in an upside down world, and nothing proves that point more than this.

How can people be so deceived as to join something called the “Satanic Temple” and give a “prayer” (I use that term loosely) that ends with “Hail Satan”?

You mean the guy who’s sole job description is to steal, kill and destroy?

That’s the guy you’re a fan of?

Oh my.  

But that was the case for Iris Fontana and her opening “prayer” in Alaska today.  

Sadly, it’s real, take a look:

Fox News reports this quote from the "prayer":

“Let’s cast aside our differences, to use reason, logic, science and compassion to create solutions for the greater good of our community,” Fontana said at the end of the invocation. “It is done. Hail Satan. Thank you.”

Newsweek reports that she also promoted eating from the Tree of Good and Evil (also known as original sin):

"Let us embrace the impulse to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil so that we may let go of comforting delusions and see the truth in the world," she continued, adding. "It is done, hail Satan. Thank you," the close the invocation, the Sacramento Bee said.

And The Hill reports this quote:

“That which will not bend, must break, and that which can be destroyed by truth should never be spared as demise. It is done, hail Satan,” Fontana said to open the meeting, according to local radio station KSRM

Here's more on the story, from the AP:

A Satanic Temple member who won the right to open a regional Alaska government meeting declared “Hail Satan” during her first invocation, prompting about a dozen officials and attendees to walk out.

Tuesday’s invocation that started the meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough also spurred a protest outside the southern Alaska borough’s administration building that drew 40 people, The Peninsula Clarion newspaper reported .

Protesters held signs saying “reject Satan and his works” and “know Jesus and his love.”

During her invocation, Satanic Temple member Iris Fontana said, “That which will not bend, must break, and that which can be destroyed by truth should never be spared as demise. It is done, hail Satan,” Kenai radio station KSRM reported .

She was among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit litigated by the ACLU of Alaska against the borough after it approved a 2016 policy saying that people who wanted to give the invocations at the government body’s meetings had to belong to official organizations with an established presence on the Kenai Peninsula, which lies 75 miles (121 kilometers) south of Anchorage. Other plaintiffs who had been denied permission to give the invocations included an atheist and a Jewish woman.

The Alaska Supreme Court last October ruled that the borough policy was unconstitutional and the borough government changed it in November to allow anyone to offer invocations regardless of religion.

Assembly members Norm Blakeley and Paul Fischer and borough Mayor Charlie Pierce were among those who left the assembly chambers along with some audience members.

Assembly members are not required to attend the invocation to participate in meetings.

The protesters included William Siebenmorgen, who flew to Alaska from Pennsylvania for the event.

“God will be pleased with our public prayers of reparation. We want God’s blessings on America, not Satan’s curses. Lucifer is the eternal loser. Let’s keep him out,” he told KSRM.


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