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Alyssa Milano Calls for Women to Sex Strike in Protest of Georgia’s New Restrictions on Abortion!

Is it the dawn of extinction for feminists?


Extreme liberal actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano has made her love of abortion abundantly clear. 

A while back, she made headlines when she failed hard at her attempt to use a Bible verse to support the infanticidal practice, and she is one of the Hollywood elites who took a vow to boycott Georgia’s film industry if the state passed a bill banning abortions after the baby’s heartbeat can be detected.

Well, guess what? Now the bill has become law, and Milano has begun her fight for the right to kill unborn babies in Georgia! But the way she’s doing it is rather unconventional, to say the least.

She’s staging a sex strike, calling on women everywhere to refuse to have sex until the law is struck down. 

Take a look at Milano’s call for action on Twitter:

It appears that the (small amount of) thought behind the strike is that men care more about having hanky panky with stupid women than protecting the lives of unborn children. 

I say let them sex strike all they want. We could do with letting liberals this dimwitted not making it to the next generation. 

Candace Owens shared this opinion on her Twitter as well:

Unsurprisingly, Milano's stupid yet haughty Sex Strike is the butt of many jokes on Twitter, with many Pro-Lifers responding with sarcastic support of the movement!

See for yourself:

Fox News has more to say about Milano's new movement:

Taking a cue from the literature of ancient Greece, actress and political activist Alyssa Milano called for a "sex strike" Friday in response to the "heartbeat" bill that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed into law.

The new law outlaws abortions in the state at six weeks into the pregnancy. Georgia is one of several states in recent weeks that have passed legislation forbidding doctors from ending pregnancies when a heartbeat can be detected, which is roughly at six weeks.

Critics of such legislation have argued that many women don't discover that they're pregnant in six weeks.

The entertainment industry in particular is wrestling over the Georgia law because many films and TV shows are made in the state due to its widely popular tax incentives. And while some in Hollywood are calling on a boycott of Georgia, Milano is calling for a boycott of sex.

"Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy," Milano tweeted. "JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on."

SF Gatealso commented:

Actress Alyssa Milano ignited social media with a tweet Friday night calling for women to join her in a sex strike to protest strict abortion bans passed by Republican-controlled legislatures.


The former star of "Charmed" and current cast member of "Insatiable," which is filmed in Georgia, urged women in her tweet to stop having sex "until we get bodily autonomy back." Her tweet came days after Georgia became the fourth state in the U.S. this year to ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks, before many women know they are pregnant.


"We need to understand how dire the situation is across the country," Milano told The Associated Press on Saturday. "It's reminding people that we have control over our own bodies and how we use them."


She noted that women have historically withheld sex to protest or advocate for political reform. She cited how Iroquois women refused to have sex in the 1600s as a way to stop unregulated warfare. Most recently, she noted that Liberian women used a sex strike in 2003 to demand an end to a long-running civil war.              


Milano received support from fans and fellow actress Bette Midler joined her in also calling for a sex strike with her own tweet. But both liberals and conservatives also lampooned her idea, with conservatives praising her for promoting abstinence and liberals saying she was pushing a false narrative that women only have sex as a favor to men.

Mush on Milano! Much of us would prefer that you don't carry on your genes...


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