President Trump Reveals Why Judge Nap Suddenly Turned Hostile On Him


Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News judicial analyst, has had some harsh criticism for President Trump lately.

Since the release of the Mueller Report, the 68-year old former Justice has not held back when it comes to how the Administration handled things.

Just last month, Napolitano calimed that  special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings “might be enough to prosecute” the president (for obstruction of justice). He also called Trump’s behavior “unlawful, defenseless, and condemnable.”

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Well, in classic form, President Trump fired back at Judge Napolitano, stating that the Judge has been “very hostile” toward him. And Trump claims to know exactly why this is happening.

President Trump also took to Twitter to praise liberal Alan Dershowitz for pointing out the odd comments from Judge Napolitano.

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President Trump clearly seems to think that Judge Napolitano has taken personal issue with not being considered by the President for a Supreme Court seat.

He also states that Judge Nap asked for a “pardon for his friend.”

We’ll see how things turn out moving forward.

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