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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Blame Trump After Getting Called Out By Kellyanne Conway for Her Silence On Sri Lanka Attacks!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attempted to blame Trump for the reason why she was totally silent on Twitter following the Sri Lanka massacre of Christians (not “Easter Worshippers,” mind you) that happened on Easter Sunday.

When Kellyanne Conway called her out for her failure to condemn the attacks, like she had previously done with the Christchurch shootings and most recently with the San Diego synagogue shooting that happened Saturday, AOC got on the defensive, blaming the “White House’s incompetent disaster response” as to the reason why she did not tweet out her condolences for Sri Lanka immediately.

Conway’s original tweet was in response to a CNN reporter misquoting her, which you can take a look at here:

AOC responded to Conway with these tweets:

However, AOC's claim that she was "away from tech" appears to have been debunked, as she tweeted out a promotion for her new Netflix movie the day after the Sri Lanka attacks.

Check out Conway's tweet calling AOC's statement a bluff:

Others, like Paul Joseph Watson also noticed that AOC's claim to have been away from tech just didn't quite add up.

Check out his response tweet here:

AOC's "selective tragedy acknowledgement" has many wondering if she's just trying to use relevant incidents to push her own agenda for gun control.

Notice how in her tweet that quickly responded to the synagogue shooting in San Diego, she did not hesitate to tie in that the shooting was another reason to vote for HR8, which would require background checks for firearm purchases:

Fox News has more on what Kellyanne Conway had to say about AOC's selectivity:

Conway on Sunday criticized the freshman congresswoman for not tweeting about the bombings targeting Christians in  Sri Lanka.

"I see officials who get a lot of airtime and ink like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, congresswoman, who tweets many times about the mosque and never once about the Christians being killed in Sri Lanka," Conway said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Ocasio-Cortez responded on Twitter accusing Conway Sunday of attempting to "stoke suspicion" regarding the freshman lawmaker's religion. The New York congresswoman also noted she was visiting her grandmother in Puerto Rico for Easter and “away from tech.”

Conway criticized Ocasio-Cortez Monday while on 'Hannity" for not tweeting about Sri Lanka the next day, and instead promoted a documentary about herself.

“The very next day, still picking through the rubble in Sri Lanka, looking for survivors or of the deceased. She had time to tweet about a Netflix documentary about her,” Conway said. The Daily Caller pointed out that her tweets did end on April 18, and there were no tweets on Easter Sunday, but "her account did include both a tweet and a retweet about the upcoming movie “Knock Down The House.”

Conway reiterated the issue was not about her faith.

“It’s not about her faith, it’s about her selectivity,” Conway told Hannity.

CNN also had the following to say about Conway calling out Ocasio-Cortez:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway sparred Sunday over the congresswoman's Twitter silence following the Easter Sunday church bombings in Sri Lanka, with Ocasio-Cortez saying Conway used the attention around her lack of tweets "as an excuse to stoke suspicion" about her faith. 

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Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning, Conway told host Jake Tapper that Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, tweeted "many times" about the shootings at two New Zealand mosques last month that left 50 dead, but "never once" tweeted about the series of church bombings in Sri Lanka last week that left more than 250 people dead and hundreds injured on Easter Sunday.

In a handful of tweets about Conway's comments, Ocasio-Cortez, whose use of Twitter has become one of her trademark characteristics, defended the fact that she did not post a tweet about last week's attacks, noting in one tweet that she had been on a technology hiatus while she was visiting her grandmother in Puerto Rico.

"Are you trying to imply that I am less Christian? What was the point of you bringing this up on national TV?" Ocasio-Cortez asked Conway in the tweet.

In a separate tweet, Ocasio-Cortez wrote that the "terrorist attack in Sri Lanka was horrifying," before saying in another that Conway was "using this as an excuse to stoke suspicion around my Christianity + faith life." 

"The Sri Lanka massacre was horrifying. No one should be targeted for their religion," Ocasio-Cortez wrote. "If you're so moved, let's do more to welcome immigrants fleeing religious persecution."

On Sunday afternoon, Conway replied to Ocasio-Cortez in a pair of tweets. In the first, she gave her best to the congresswoman's grandmother and said she missed her own every day, calling them "irreplaceable." Conway also said, "Good that you now condemn Sri Lanka massacre. Some found it odd a prolific tweeter was silent. Following day you tweeted about your movie."

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