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BREAKING: Florida State Senate Approves Legislation To Let Teachers Carry Firearms!



Gov. Ron DeSantis is creating great change in Florida!

And the patriots in the State Senate are backing him up.

Just passed today, the State Senate voted to approve legislation that will allow teachers to be armed!

A wonderful step in the right direction!

I’ll tell you what…if I were a teacher, I’d want to have a chance of defending myself and my students and not just sitting there like a sitting duck waiting to get gunned down!  

Take a look:


From Local News 13:

Some teachers would be allowed to carry guns in schools under a bill passed by the Florida Senate Tuesday.

  • SB 7030 makes school safety changes; still must pass the House
  • Districts must approve allowing teachers in guardian program
  • Teachers would have to be trained, have psychological evaluations

The bill still must be passed in the Florida House before it can be signed by the governor.

SB 7030 makes several school safety changes recommended by the commission that examined the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018. 

The most contentious is a plan allowing some classroom teachers to become part of the armed guardian program, if the school districts approve it. 

The teachers would have to volunteer, undergo psychological evaluations, and be trained by the county sheriff's office.

The bill also requires school districts to establish or assign safe-school officers, and revise school district zero-tolerance policies. 

The bill passed in the Florida Senate, 22 to 17.

The Hill had more:

The Florida state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would permit teachers to carry firearms on school grounds if local school boards agree to allow staffers to carry their firearms.

The Senate voted 22-17, mostly along party lines, to approve the bill, setting up a vote in the state House.

Should the legislation be signed into law, local school boards and charter school governing boards would still have to vote on if they would authorize teachers to be armed on their individual campuses. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has expressed an openness to allowing teachers to bring firearms to schools.

Teachers who volunteer to bring guns to schools would have to undergo a psychological test and at least 144 hours of training, the results of which have to be approved by law enforcement.

The prospect of arming teachers has divided Republicans and Democrats in Tallahassee and Washington since the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., that left 17 people dead.

Republicans have said that having trained, armed teachers could prevent similar shootings in the future, while Democrats have pushed for more gun control measures.

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“I must err on the side of saving a kid,” state Sen. Ed Hooper (R) told the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Democrats have said having more guns on campuses will not make them safer and that schools should focus their resources on other priorities, such as guidance counselors and mental health services.

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