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GENIUS: Here’s Why President Trump Always Wins!

I love our President!


He’s called himself the “Very Stable Genius”.

And that may not be far from the truth!

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the man has won over and over again in his life.

Has he had some failures?  SURE!

Who hasn’t?

But the only people who think a handful of failures on your way to $10 billion is a big deal are the armchair quarterbacks who have never done anything of significance in their own lives!

That’s true.


It’s so much easier to sit back in your parents’ basement and critique others.

Much harder to actually go out and change the world.

And by all accounts, President Trump is one of the biggest winners we’ve EVER seen.

Think about it….

He wrote the best-selling business book I believe of all time.

A little thing called “The Art of the Deal”:


That book has been at the top of the charts for decades and I believe still sells like crazy!

Then he had the top reality show on television.

Maybe you've heard of "Celebrity Apprentice"? 😁


For most people, conquering print media and then television would be enough to call it a wildly successful career and life.  

But Trump?

Those were actually byproducts. 

His real success was in real estate, building and developing some of the most iconic pieces of real estate across the world and branding them with the TRUMP logo. 

So let's recap....

Print media.  TV.  Real estate.  

Check. Check. Check.

What do you do next?  

How about entering a club so elite that just referring to your number in line tells us all we need to know.

The Presidency.  

41-Bush Sr.


45- TRUMP.  

So the man who conquered industry after industry then conquered the world of politics, beating 17 seasoned Republican challengers and after that the Clinton Political Machine. 

Some people would say the Clinton Crime Cartel, but I would certainly never say that.  😉

So....all of that is prelude to what I want to show you.


How did he do it?

How can one man win so much?

Is it just sheer tyranny of will?  

Or does he just understand some things about persuasion that most of us never learn?

I stumbled across two videos that I HAD TO share with you because I loved them so much.

I'm copying them both below and you might want to bookmark this article and come back to it so you can watch them multiple times.

They do an incredible job showing how President Trump always positions himself to win in every situation.

Some of the things may seem small and subtle, but watch him use these tactics over and over, and you'll see why he quickly rose to defeat 17 Republicans and one Crooked Hillary.  

It's genius.

Very stable genius.

Please enjoy and then leave me a comment or send me an email, I'd love to hear what you think!

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