Body Language Expert: “He’s Dead Inside”


I just watched this and had to share it with you!

One of my favorite segments on The Factor used to be when Bill would bring on the body language expert!

Those were always so fascinating. 

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And I think some of his highest rated segments as well.

I’m surprised no one has picked up on that now that Bill’s no longer around and doing it.

But I found this awesome channel on YouTube that does the same thing and she’s really good!

In this particular video, she was analyzing Bill Barr’s press conference from Thursday.  


She pays particular attention to Rod Rosenstein, showing how at every point in the video he looks like he’s “dead inside”.

She’s right.

She also points out all the little things he does that show he’s nervous.  Really nervous.  

I especially liked the part where she talks about the conflict between Barr and Rosenstein and what that tells her in the body language.

It’s so fascinating!  

Rosenstein’s goose is cooked….and his body language tells us he knows it!

Anyway, it’s only 10 minutes and really fun to watch.

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