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I Guess This Is Why They Call It “Powerful” JRE


The Joe Rogan Podcast has been on fire recently.

From having Alex Jones back on this week, to Elon Must a few months ago, and now to the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, the podcast has been must-see viewing.

I understand people have their own opinions of Joe Rogan.

Many think he’s “controlled opposition”. 

Some people question what made him do a 180-flip on his views about the moon landing, and they say his recent opinions are nothing like they used to be.  

But you have to admit the man is shaping the news in a way that’s arguably more powerful than the Mainstream Media.

So when Rogan had Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and its head of legal Vijaya Gadde on his podcast this week, you knew sparks were about to fly.

Rogan also had independent journalist Tim Pool on the podcast to create a 3-guest panel.  

If you don’t know Tim Pool, get ready to like him.  A lot. 

He is incredibly knowledgable about online censorship and he had clearly done his homework. 

He put Dorsey and Gadde on the spot many times where they had no answer.  A couple times all they could say was “thank you for your feedback.”

Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to put a social media giant on the hot seat and fire questions at them about censorship of conservatives, Tim Pool just did it for you, asking everything and then some that you would have thought about yourself.

WARNING:  do not watch this before bed, you’ll get so fired up you won’t be able to sleep!

Please enjoy:

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