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Rep. Andy Biggs (R) Just Gave Trump a Way To Build The Wall Without Congress or an Emergency!



I’m loving all these Republican Senators and Representatives coming to President Trump’s defense and giving him great options!

The latest is Andy Biggs.

If you don’t know Andy, he’s a Republican member of the House from Arizona.

Here are more details on Biggs from Wikipedia:

Andrew Steven Biggs[3] (born November 7, 1958) is an American politician and a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Arizona’s 5th congressional district. The district includes most of the East Valley, covering most of Mesa and Chandler and all of Queen Creek and his hometown of Gilbert.

Previously, he was a member of the Arizona Senate representing the 12th District from 2011 to 2017 (numbered as the 22nd District from 2011 to 2013) and a member of the Arizona House of Representatives representing the 22nd District from 2003 to 2011. He was President of the Arizona Senate from 2013 to 2017.

Today he started making waves by saying he had a solution that would allow President Trump to build the wall on his own - without Congress and without needing to declare a national emergency.  

Take a look:


In fact, Biggs wrote this article for the Washington Examiner earlier today:

Since the government reopened, the Democrats have sent unmistakably clear signals that they have absolutely no interest in building a border wall, fence, barrier, or anything else. President Trump is left with virtually no option other than to immediately use his authority under Title 10 of the United States Code. I urge him to declare that our unfenced areas of the southern border are active drug trafficking corridors, which will allow him to use available funds to build walls, fences, roads, lights, detention facilities, and other necessary infrastructure. 

The president is right when he says, “A nation without borders is no nation at all.” There are many, including the professional agents on our border who agree with, and support, the president’s efforts to build a border wall. 

Further, we must eliminate the incentives for people to illegally come and stay in our great country. Any amnesty given to people who are illegally in this country, including the DACA population, is an incentive to come and stay illegally in this country. 

Continuing President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive order that prevents deportation of people illegally in this country, including DACA, is amnesty. Therefore, we should not trade amnesty, including DACA, for a border wall. 

The Democrats have failed to join Republicans in securing our border, but instead have supported sanctuary city and state policies and encouraged amnesty. Democrats continue to obstruct funding and construction of a border wall. 

Democrats claim that we can secure our border with technological tools such as cameras, sensors, and drones while they criticize an actual, physical wall as being unnecessary and immoral. 

Democrats are wrong. Walls will help our Border Patrol agents catch drug and human traffickers. 

The southern border is an active drug trafficking corridor. I suspect that Democrats will continue to prevent the construction of a border wall that will reduce the smuggling of drugs into the U.S. Waiting until Feb. 15 will allow three more weeks of illegal border crossings, encourage the proliferation and influx of caravans, and delay the building of a border wall. 

I encourage President Trump to immediately use his statutory authority under Title 10 of the United States Code to declare the southern border a drug trafficking corridor and access military construction funds to build a wall, roads, lighting, and other necessary infrastructure as the statute allows.


Perhaps President Trump could do this PLUS the national emergency!  

Give himself double cover.

I can't wait till February 16 gets here.....who's with me?

Tell Nancy To BUILD THE WALL Now! ✅


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