Donald Trump Is Coming To Town – Merry Christmas!


I know it’s only November, but I can’t help it….I’m already in the Christmas spirit!

And thanks to Donald Trump we are all saying “Merry Christmas” again!

So you can imagine how excited I was to find this gem online.

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I’d like you to meet Mike Coyle, who wrote and performs this beauty:  “Donald Trump Is Coming To Town”.

It’s awesome, go Mike!

I know you all will love it as well, so I wanted to get it out to you.  

I’ve already loaded onto my Phone so I can listen in my car!  

Merry Christmas y’all!  


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Here are the Lyrics and then scroll down for the video:

🎶He’s making a list;
checking it twice

To find out
get’s deported by ICE

Donald Trump is coming to town

He’s building a wall;
it’s gonna be tall

If you’re gonna climb
you’d better not fall

Donald Trump is coming to town

He sees them when they’re sneaking
he’s protecting you and me

You can come to the USA
but you gotta do it le-gal-ly


He ain’t taking no shit
from CNN

They’re not allowed back
in the White House again

Donald Trump is coming to town

He’s a nationalist

Who’s gonna Make America Great Again

Donald Trump is coming to town

Donald Trump is coming to town

Donald Trump is coming 

Donald Trump is coming

Donald Trump is coming to town! 🎵

Here’s the video from Mike’s Facebook page:

Did you love it?

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