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FACT-CHECK: Is The Butt Baby Real?


It’s time for a Fact Check!

WeLoveTrump style….which means we’re actually going to get to the bottom of this (no pun intended) and give you the real story without the propaganda spin.

One warning before we start: this is a bit gross.

Second warning: do NOT Google or Twitter search “butt baby”….I made that mistake, and I saw things I did not want to see!

Ok, now let’s jump in…

I saw this posted today and my immediate reaction was PLEASE tell me this is a joke:

And isn’t that kind of the point?

The Far-Left is so insane, so removed from reality, that it’s almost impossible to know what they actually believe and do vs. what is fake.

This story fits that mold exactly.

So basically here is what the post claims:

Trans people can insert this “butt baby” into their rectum and simulate child birth.

As I said, hard to determine whether that is something the Far-Left would actually do or a just fake/satire.

The posts have been going viral:

This guy says it’s actually real and there is a website selling it:

For balance, the folks over at LeadStories (a notorious propagandist “FactChecker” website) claims it’s not real:

Is an ad real that shows a prosthetic sex toy that is designed for trans women to “experience and celebrate the miracle of childbirth”? No, the website selling the sex toy does not ever mention it could be used so a “trans woman can experience and celebrate the miracle of childbirth.” The product page where it is for sale on the internet says it is used to “experience first-hand the joy and agony of childbirth,” but makes no mention of trans women or anyone else that the toy was designed for — that comes only in a fake ad that misrepresents the product.

The claim appeared in a video (archived here) where it was published on YouTube on October 4, 2022 under the title “The Butt Baby Hodgetwins react.” It opened:

It’s called the butt baby look a prosthetic baby that can be inserted deep into the loving embrace of the rectum where a trans woman can experience and celebrate the miracle of child birth.

Click below to watch the video on YouTube:

A fake advertisement can be seen as the video begins with a person laughing and then reading the text of the ad. The origin of the fake ad is unknown. It appears with the following text:

The Butt Baby
A prosthetic baby that can be inserted deep into the loving embrace of the rectum, where a Trans Woman can experience and celebrate the miracle of childbirth. Comes in white, brown, and Bushman of the Kalahari.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 2.12.24 PM.png

(Source: YouTube screenshot taken on Mon Oct 17 16:33:45 2022 UTC)

The video is on the Patriot Twins YouTube page that is the page for the Hodgetwins, who describe themselves on Facebook as “the Hodgetwins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, are known for their comedy and being outspoken conservatives.” At 0:14 in the video a person claims, “I thought this was fake at first, but it’s actually a website selling this.” The video then shows a screenshot of a product that can be found on There is no mention of a “trans woman” on the Toys From Tim site. The description states:

The Bundle of Joy – formerly known as the *Butt*Baby*, is a fully insertable, anatomically correct, platinum silicone toy, made for fans of big insertions!
Available in two sizes (9″ and the bigger brother in 13″) when the Bundle of Joy is inserted feet first, he will crown just like a real birthing baby.
The Bundle of Joy is 100% platinum silicone, soft and supple but firm enough for easy self-impregnation (see video), and as smooth as a newborn baby’s bottom.
You’ve never seen anything like him before.
Experience first-hand the joy and agony of childbirth.
Surprise your parents with the grandson they’ve always wanted.
Bestow your husband with an heir.

Here is a screenshot of the product page:

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.53.49 PM.png

(Source: Toys From Tim website screenshot taken on Mon Oct 17 16:00:35 2022 UTC)

A logo on the photo says “Treasure Island Media.” A search of that website goes to the product page for a “Butt Baby” as well. The phrase “trans woman” does not appear anywhere on that site either, only in the fake ad.

The Toys From Tim website clearly notes at the bottom of the page that the product is a toy: “Weapons of Ass Destruction Toys Designed by TIM Legendary Bottom CHRISTIAN.”

The product for sale on the website does not come in three different colors and does not describe one color as “Bushman of the Kalahari,” unlike the fake ad shown in the YouTube video.

The fake ad has been shared across social media accounts, radio and videos where the intention of the toy has been misrepresented as for trans women. Some of those posts can be seen here, here and here.

Lead Stories reached out to the Toys From Tim company for comment and will update the story when a response is received.

So…is it real?

I’m going to rate this one as UNDECIDED.

So let me turn it over to you: do you think this is something the Far-Left would do?

Real or not real?


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