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General Flynn Issues DIRE Warning


General Flynn is a true American hero, and beyond that, he’s rational and level-headed.

I see few people on the social and political front today who are as calm and measured as the former general and that’s what makes his dire warning all the more important.

Flynn recently issued a stark warning in an address to a crowd in Florida. …

He warned of the ‘final power grab’ that American communists are now pushing for—a power grab that is imminent and should not be ignored.

He goes on to detail the subtle yet powerful shifts and power games currently coming from the American ‘progressive left’, a perspective eerily reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s ‘final revolution’.

You can read the full article here:

Recently, General Flynn also offered a bit of advice to Americans about taking control of their lives and tending to the part of the garden they can touch, so to speak.

He also sounded the alarm on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine:

Western Journal provided this excerpt from his speech:

However, they never had the power and the means to enslave the entire globe and control all of humanity — until today.

The internet and all other wonders of advances in technology give power-hungry elites the means to turn humanity into robotic slaves performing at the whims of their overseers.

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Communism takes full control over your life. Once it gains full control, all decisions are based on the communist authorities’ wishes, not yours.

They dictate what you will do, where you will work, what you can become.

Leftist outlets like The Nation continue to claim that the fear of woke communism is nonsense:

How then can there be a muscular rebirth of anti-communism when there’s no communism to face off against?

The Claremont Institute, a right-wing think tank, explains the paradox this way: The powers that be of the present moment, including “education, corporate media, entertainment, big business, especially big tech, are to varying degrees aligned with the Democratic Party which is now controlled by Woke Communism.”

All clear now? A “cold civil war” is afoot, so we’re assured by DeSantis and crew, and if we don’t act quickly, “woke communism will replace American justice.… the choice is between liberty or death.”


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