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‘You’re Playing A Football Game On A Rigged Field’ Mike Lindell Talks Voter Intergrity


The Gateway Pundit caught up with Mike Lindell after the RNC Chairman election in Dana Point, California last Friday.

Ronna Romney McDaniel was declared the winner of the RNC election with 111 votes.

A Rasmussen poll found that Mike Lindell topped Ronna McDaniel and Attorney Harmeet Dhillon for Republican Party Chair among Republican voters.

With support for Mike Lindell being double that of the winner.

Lindell also received the support of Precinct Strategy and Precinct Committeemen across the country.

Lindell stated:

“They did not listen to what the people wanted,”

Despite this blow for grassroots Republicans and election integrity Lindell is still hopeful that the winner, Ronna, would help him on securing elections and removing electronic voting machines across the country.

In recent wins for election integrity Alabama terminated their contract with the Electronic Registration Information System (ERIC).

Also Cleburne County, Arkansas, voted to remove voting machines.

Lindell stated:

“We’re never going to stop because we are winning, and you just don’t hear about it,”

Conradson also spoke to Kari Lake who said:

“Ronna will double down and make sure that we are pushing for election honesty and integrity across this country.”

In the interview, Lake told Ronna to:

“really keep your ear to the grassroots. We have such an opportunity right now to grow the RNC into the strongest RNC we’ve ever seen.”

Here is what was said in the interview with Lindell:

Conradson: So Mike, you know, that’s not the result that we were expecting in there at the RNC vote. What happened? You were the favorite in the Rasmussen poll. Did the 168 just not show up for the people? What happened?

Lindell: A huge favorite. I almost doubled both of them combined, and they did not listen to what the people wanted. And two weeks ago, everybody, that’s just the poll yesterday, but a couple of weeks ago, the precincts —, which you all need to get involved in — the precinct committeemen across this country, they endorsed me. So they sent 1000s of emails to the 168. Now, by the way, everybody, if you are one of them, we got great compliments for them, saying the emails were cordial; they were just good emails, not bashing the other two. They were just saying what Mike Lindell can do and what he will do. And you know what, they didn’t listen. You know, the media was all in there except for Fox, of course. They wouldn’t interview me. I went up there, and I said, ‘hey, I’m here for my interview.’ The guy goes, ‘oh, Mike, come on now. We’re Fox News. You can’t come on Fox News.’

But they did make one promise, and we all got to stand on it. Ronna said on TV, she said, ‘I’m looking forward to working with Mike Lindell if I win,’ and she won. So, now when we go there, you know, if we go there, we’ve just got to pray that she’s good for her word because what is the biggest problem facing our country, bar none, stands above all others? Election platforms, crimes, and laws that were broken, getting rid of the electronic voting machines, all of these things have to change right now. And it’s going on; the wins are going on. You got Alabama just got rid of ERIC. You have Cleburne County in Arkansas just voted to have just paper ballots hand counted. Sherburne County voted to get rid of Dominion. Can you say that on your show? It’s all machines. We got to group them all together. We’ve got to your electronic computer, and any voting machines, period. All of them got to go. The Daily Mail interviewed me, you know, from the UK, right? Do you know what they have in the UK? Just paper ballots hand counted. There ain’t a machine there! Germany, France, the Netherlands, all these places, and I’m going to him, I go, ‘I’ll bet you kind of like it over there, right? You have elections, not selections.’ And he himself couldn’t believe it. He goes, ‘I can’t believe they won’t listen to you here, Mike. Why won’t they listen to you?’ I said, ‘it’s been a lot of cancellation and a lot of suppression and a lot of attacks, but I’m never gonna give up.’ We’re never going to stop because we are winning, and you just don’t hear about it. They use lawfare in our country, which hadn’t been used since 1796. That scares people, scares lawyers, scares judges, and I’m a little upset with the RNC. That’s why I was upset. That’s why I was running. If you don’t address the biggest problem we have, you’re playing a football game on a rigged field. You better figure it out. They’re going downhill, and you’re going uphill on this rigged field.

Conradson: What exactly are you planning to do to work with Ronna, and do you think she will actually work with you? Do you think she was telling you the truth?

Lindell: We will find out, and I would hope that she would reach out to me because she made a promise in there. We’ll see what this next week raises. I am going to be very busy this next week. I want to tell you this, guess who invited me on his show this week here in California? I will be on Jimmy Kimmel this weekend. Why would I go on there? I’m going on there to get the word out of what our country needs. He can attack all he wants, but at least he has me out there so I can talk. You know, everybody can read between the attacks; no big deal, right? And then I’m going out to the states. There are so many great things going on in Missouri, everybody. If you go to Frank speech, my platform Frank speech, and you put in ‘Cause of America – Missouri,’ and you want to know in your state what you can do, go to your county and say, hey, we want paper ballots hand counted. The whole manual is there. They put together the best manual in history, better than the system in the UK, better than the system in France, and better than the Netherlands. There’s no better system, and it came from a lot of stuff that was written in 1977 in Missouri, but every state’s a little different. But, this is a prototype to go to paper hand counted. I’m never going to stop. We have to get as much of it gone by 2024, or we’re not going to have a country. I’ll say one more thing, I want everybody to pray. We need to pray for the Judges because the Judges, they’re the ones that can turn this around, and everyone says, ‘all the judges are corrupt.’ No, they’re not, they’re in fear. Sure there are some mad ones. I can name a few ones in DC and down in Arizona, but the judges out there, there’s a lot of them that kick the can and standing because they were afraid to be the first Judge. They have families, they have grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and they’re afraid. It takes courage. But you guys, courage is contagious, and we all gotta be courageous. But you can pray for your Judges. If you know one, go to your Judge, and just say, when you get a case brought before you about elections and any of this stuff that they’re afraid to rule on, just say be a judge and just rule. We’re not saying judge this way or that way. Take the evidence in, and be what God called you to be, a judge.

Watch the interview here:

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The Trump and Mike Lindell CURSE: Bed, Bath & Beyond on Verge of Bankruptcy, To Close 150 MORE Stores!

Get ready for another round of store closures nationwide.

Bed, Bath & Beyond is on the verge of bankruptcy.

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CNN confirms:

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing 150 more stores — just a week after the struggling retailer announced the closure of 87 locations.

The company’s brick-and-mortar footprint has already shrunk dramatically, a regulatory filing showed late Monday, and the new closings mean it will have shuttered 400 stores in the past year — almost half the 950 or so stores it had open in February 2022.

That includes last week’s announcement that it was also closing all 49 remaining Harmon Face Value stores, which sold cosmetics; plus 5 buybuy Baby locations. A list of the new store closures wasn’t immediately available.

A turnaround doesn’t look imminent: The embattled home goods chain forecasts first quarter sales to be down by 30% to 40% with “sequential, quarterly sales improvement thereafter” the filing said.

The company said Tuesday it raised some $1 billion through an offering of preferred stock and warrants in a last-ditch effort to stave off bankruptcy. On Monday, the company said it appointed Holly Etlin, a bankruptcy expert, as interim chief financial officer.

Bed Bath & Beyond said Tuesday it will ultimately have 360 stores and 120 buybuyBaby stores. That means that the company will have announced plans to close nearly 500 of the stores it had just a year ago, and the new company will be about half of the size of the old one.

Do you still shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond?

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Bed, Bath & Beyond Fires CEO, Reportedly Cuts AC In Stores After Canceling MyPillow



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