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Kenneth Copeland’s Blasphemous View of the Lord’s Supper EXPOSED


Thanks to a reader for bringing this to my attention.

We’re going to take a brief break from politics to talk corruption and blasphemy in the church.

So important, have to do it.

And today we’re talking about Kenneth Copeland.

For those who don’t know, he’s basically “higher up” in their denomination that Hank Kunneman but they are part of the same group.

More on Hank below for those that are interested.

But now we have to talk about what Copeland did in this video below.

It’s deeply troubling, at least to me…and to the person who sent me this video.

Watch first and then I’ll give you my thoughts below the video:

Ok, so problem #1 — I see no where in the Bible that it says to cut your hand and mix it into the Communion wine.

Problem #2 — doing so implies Jesus’ blood was not enough, that it somehow has to be mixed with yours.

Problem #3 — it’s just downright creepy.  And what’s with all the theatrics?  And why does he often look like he’s possessed by a demon?  I’m not saying he is, I’m just saying what’s up with these looks?

Ok, now let’s talk Hank Kunneman…

I don’t like to bring this up often anymore, but for those who haven’t seen it or who are wondering, here’s the full story (and don’t forget the connection between Hank and Kenneth).

Why Did I Stop Following Hank Kunneman?

This is a repost of an article I wrote several months ago.

I am reposintg because I still get dozens of emails asking why I no longer follow Hank Kunneman.  

This is why.

Please read the full article below and you MUST read to the very end to see the side-by-side comparison of Flynn’s demonic “prayer” as compared to the channelling of an evil spirit done by “Elizabeth Clare Prophet” back in 1975 to fully understand what happened here.  

Read on…

Last night I brought you an article I knew would cause a lot of comments and brushback.

But I had to post it because I don’t refrain from posting something just because it might upset some people.

I post the truth, period.

If you missed that article, here is the link:

NEW VIDEO FOUND: Michael Flynn’s Prayer TO Archangels About Demonic “Seven Rays”

And now, because I can’t possibly respond to all the comments in the article or emails I’ve received (hundreds), I want to respond right here with the one question no one is really answering…

There is a LOT wrong here, including these three to start:

1 – praying TO angels

2 – the Sevenfold Rays of Light

3- praying “in the name of Michael the Archangel”

But a very common response is that these things are all common for the Catholics.

I’m not going to get into that debate, even though I think all 3 of those things have major problems!

But setting that aside for a minute, I’m seeing a lot of comments from people saying that Flynn is an “immature Christian” and just made a mistake.

If so, here’s the question NO ONE is answering: how was this a mistake?  This was carefully planned and pre-planned down to every single word he said.  It wasn’t a slip of the tongue or a stray word.  No, this was a written down occult spell he was reading and he delivered it word-for-word with perfection.

What do I mean by perfection?

I mean, it wasn’t original.

Oh no, my friends…

This was a direct quote from a lady named “Elizabeth Clare Prophet” yes, “Prophet” being her last name by marriage.

In 1984, Elizabeth Clare Prophet channeled an evil spirit (clearly prohibited in the Bible) and gave the EXACT same words Flynn used as his “prayer”.

It’s all in the video right below.

So…to everyone defending Flynn, I ask if you’re ok with channeling evil spirits?

I’m not.

And this also clearly wasn’t a “mistake” or just the wrong word used by an “immature Christian”.

This was extremely deliberate and planned.

And if it WE’RE a mistake, Flynn and Hank Kunneman (who hosted the event) should have immediately issued a retraction after it happened and disavowed the message — but neither has.

Read that again: NEITHER has disavowed the message, despite being given multiple opportunities to do so.

So I understand if you have an emotional reaction and you want to defend Flynn and Kunneman, but I’m asking you to answer this just based on the facts: it wasn’t a mistake and it wasn’t an accident by an “immature Christian”…it was carefully planned out to lead the entire congregation in the words of Elizabeth Clare Prophet which were delivered while she was channeling an evil spirit.

My simple question: are you ok with that?

This video should be set to autoplay starting at 1:31:50 but in case it doesn’t you want to jump to that time marker to watch the key part I am talking about:

And if (when?) YouTube deletes that video, I have a backup.

Watch the backup here on Rumble and remember to jump to the 1:31:50 mark to see what I am talking about:

And here is the original article in full:

A few months ago, Michael Flynn gave a speech that raised a lot of eyebrows when he suddenly started giving this odd “prayer” TO the Archangel Michael and mentioning something called the “Seven Rays” which in fact turned out to be a direct quote from something very demonic that arose out of the “Ascended Masters” cult.

I know that’s a lot, but we’ll dig into it here in this article and I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

Before we start, I know this is going to trigger a lot of you who will say “how DARE you question Michael Flynn!”

Sorry folks, but I report the truth wherever I find it….if you don’t like that, it’s not my concern.

Also, this bothers me too.

Most of all, it bothers me that this happened at Hank Kunneman’s event.

And I could understand if Hank didn’t know what Flynn was going to say, but Hank has refused to admit it was demonic and has made excuses for Flynn since it happened.

So I’m writing this article partially as a public call out to “Pastor” Hank Kunneman to address this and say it is wrong and evil.

Six million people read WeLoveTrump each month and so I know this message will get to Kunneman….what he will do about it remains to be seen.

Ok, now let’s dive in.

And if you’ve seen this before, stick with me to the very end because I have a brand new video I’ll post at the very end that you HAVE to see.  

It really eliminates all doubt.

So let’s talk facts, is that ok with you?

Let’s start with the FACT that I’m not talking about rumor or something that “needs to be confirmed”….I’m talking about Gen. Flynn’s own prayer which is captured on video right here:

Watch for yourself right here:

And in case that gets deleted you can watch the backup on Rumble here:

Ok, now let’s discuss…..

Do NOT comment on this article until you have watched the full clip.

Then here’s what I want to know…..

For those of you defending Gen. Flynn or mad I am talking about him, I want to know WHY you are mad….

Are you ok with him praying TO archangels?

If so, that’s fine, that’s your prerogative, it’s just not Biblical.

We pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.

We do NOT pray in the name of Archangels.

So if you support praying in the name of Archangels, your problem is not with me it’s with the Bible.

Let’s move on….

Do you support the Seven Rays?

You think it’s some Biblical concept?

It’s not.

It’s demonic.



Not good!

And now let’s talk about all the references to “God”.

That’s always a dead giveaway.

Praying to “God” but never mentioning “Jesus Christ” is a red flag.

Does anyone have a video of Gen. Flynn praying in the name of Jesus Christ or speaking of Jesus Christ?

If you do, email me or post in the comments below.

I would love to see it.

But if you don’t, it’s a major red flag when these people pray to “God” because what they mean for “God” and what you think they mean are two wildly different things!

Trust me, their “God” is NOT Yahweh!

Now let’s keep going and talk about the “Seven Rays”…

If you support the Seven Rays, that’s fine for you but just know it’s NOT Biblical.

So if you’re mad at me, please articulate what you are mad about….

You support praying to angels?

You support the Esoteric Seven Rays?

You just think Flynn is a good guy and you’re suffering cognitive dissonance?

Whatever it is, just explain it to me….I would like to know.

Now let’s keep going…..

None of this is Christian in the slightest.

It reminds me very much of that demonic speech from that demonic George H.W. Bush talking about “a thousand points of light”:

And that other demonic speech from that other demonic George W. Bush talking about “the angel that directs the whirlwind”.

Watch here:

Skywatch TV did a wonderful breakdown of all of these esoteric and demonic references by evil Presidents.

Here is a portion:

On January 20, 2001, President George W. Bush, during his first inaugural address, faced the Obelisk known as the Washington Monument and twice referred to an angel that “rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.” His reference was credited to Virginia statesman John Page, who wrote to Thomas Jefferson after the Declaration of Independence was signed, “We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?

Five weeks after the inaugural, on Wednesday, February 28, 2001, Congressman Major R. Owens of New York stood before the House of Representatives and prayed to the “angel in the whirlwind.” He asked the spiritual force to guide the future and fate of the United States.[i] Twenty-eight weeks later (for a total of thirty-three weeks from the day of the inaugural—a number invaluable to mysticism and occult fraternities), nineteen Islamic terrorists attacked the United States (according to the official story), hijacking four commercial airliners and crashing two of them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. They slammed a third into the Pentagon, and a fourth, which had been directed toward Washington DC, crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. What happened that day resulted in nearly three thousand immediate deaths, at least two dozen missing persons, and the stage being set for changes to the existing world order.

When Bush was giving his second inaugural speech four years later, he again offered cryptic commentary, saying, “For a half century, America defended our own freedom by standing watch on distant borders. After the shipwreck of communism came years of relative quiet, years of repose, years of sabbatical—and then there came a day of fire.” A few paragraphs following, Bush added, “By our efforts, we have lit a fire as well—a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power, it burns those who fight its progress, and one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world” (emphasis added).

The phrase, “a fire in the minds of men,” is from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s nineteenth-century book, The Possessed (“The Devils”), a novel set in pre-revolutionary Russia, where civil resistance is seen championed by nihilist Sergei Nechaev, who tries to ignite a revolution of such destructive power that society will be completely destroyed. The fact that a United States president would quote this phrase in an official speech of record was astonishing to many analysts, given that The Possessed is about violent government crackdown on dissent that sparks today’s familiar civil unrest and revolution marked by public violence.[ii] Fire in the Minds of Men is also the title historian James H. Billington chose for his famous book on the history of revolutions, including the origin of occult Freemasonry and its influence in the American Revolution. In his closing comments, Bush himself tied the inaugural crypticisms to the Masonic involvement in the American Revolution, saying, “When our Founders declared a new order of the ages, they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.” The phrase, “a new order of the ages,” is taken from the Masonically designed Great Seal (novus ordo seclorum), and Bush further acknowledged that the secret society members were acting on an “ancient” hope that is “meant to be fulfilled.”

To the illumined elite and a handful of historians and scholars, the inaugural addresses by the president were important editions in a larger series of carefully crafted speeches in which line-by-line analysis of his public references uncovered what appeared to be coded language designed to convey shrouded messages at regular intervals to select members of his global audience. Biblical scholar Bruce Lincoln’s examination of a speech delivered by Bush to the nation on October 7, 2001 announcing the U.S. attack on Afghanistan repeatedly verified this practice, producing redundant, hidden references from apocalyptic books of the Bible concerning the end times.[iii] Lincoln concluded that the word-crafting was a strategy of “double coding” to secretly appeal to people in Bush’s inner (occult) circle who hoped to engage “a Manichaean struggle, where Sons of Light confront Sons of Darkness, and all must enlist on one side or another, without possibility of neutrality, hesitation, or middle ground.”[iv]

In his book, American Dynasty, Kevin Phillips confirms this practice of message-coding by Bush, pointing out the ever-present references in the president’s speeches to words such as “evil” and “evil ones.”[v] At the top of Phillips’ list is reference again to the use of the metaphysical phrase “whirlwind,” which he interprets as “a medium for the voice of God.” From an esoteric point of view, Phillips was either unaware of or unwilling to discuss the deeper, contemporary meaning of this language and its importance to secret societies. But such phrasing in the president’s public speeches assuredly did not go unnoticed by the appropriate members of his audience. Lincoln comes closest to acknowledging this when he writes:

Enlisting the specialized reading/listening and hermeneutical skills they cultivate, he encouraged them to probe beneath the surface of his text. There, sotto voce [“under voice”], he told them he understands and sympathizes with their views, even if requirements of his office constrain him from giving full-throated voice.[vi]

Of course, Bush was not the first president to use the language of the divine. Yet few would argue that, with George W. Bush, he set the nation believably on a path toward an apocalyptic vision led by inspiration from the angel in the whirlwind. Whether the president fully understood the ramifications of his words and actions, he and others around him had: 1) acknowledged; 2) prayed to; and 3) welcomed supernatural agents to guide and influence the future machine of national sovereignty in a way oddly familiar to end-times prophecy and Dostoyevsky’s novel.

We allow that the president might have been unaware of parts of his abstruse actions because he was not the author of his speeches in the conventional sense; members of his staff, with input from unnamed guides, crafted most of these words. Bush nevertheless delivered these speeches after reviewing them, contemplating them, practicing them, and making personal margin notes. More importantly, “He spoke in his official capacity as head of state, representing the state and beyond that the nation,” notes Lincoln. So whether Bush was aware of his actions or was puppeted by SHADOWLAND allegiances that he and his father had nurtured, occultists in and behind government knew exactly what they were doing. Their choice of words and actions—from the president’s speeches to the counsel he received from members of an elite, top-secret cell of spiritual authorities in Washington (note: this is not a reference to the Christian groups or faith councils that meet with U.S. presidents)—reveal subtle but informing truths: Words were placed in the president’s mouth to be spoken in mystic harmony of a sacred craft, an otherworldly discourse, which the men behind the president, the “voices behind the voice,” believed would invoke the arrival of a spiritual “kingdom on earth” led by an embodied theocratic representative if these words were uttered at the right moment in history and from chosen men. For this “Angel in the Whirlwind,” wrote Christopher Findlay, “also carries unsettling connotations of a day of vengeance and judgment…a notion that appeals to…the apocalyptic frame of mind…reminiscent of Winthrop’s ‘shining city on a hill’ image, coupled with the fear of being expelled from this earthly paradise if the new society should fail to fulfill its role in the divine plan.”[vii]

Later, when some in the public were taking courage that the midterm backlash of November 2006 had sufficiently restrained the administration’s dreams of playing a vital role in initiating Armageddon, behind the scenes in Washington DC, this influential group of powerful men retained faith in their paranormal forces. Setting their eyes on the timeframe of 2016-2020, they were not for the moment concerned if Congress or even the executive branch changed hands now and again. They had received what they wanted—official invitation to supernaturalism by the nation’s leaders and, for sufficient time, conformity by the majority of uninitiated Americans. An angel from the whirlwind spread its powerful wings, and a new epoch in American history was ushered in, a time when the government of the U.S. was intentionally brought under influence to dark angelic power.

The statement above may seem daring. But the connection between Bush’s speeches, signals to “the family” of spiritual advisors as well as to the leaders of the Craft, the Bush administration’s subsequent actions, and coalescence of Congress—and, for a while, the majority of Americans—set in motion the rules for cosmic game play as defined in the sacred texts of all major religions, including the Bible. Invitation to angels by elected officials, combined with passive civilian conformity, is key to opening doorways for supernatural agents to engage social governance. This is a classic tenet of demonology. Spirits go where they are invited, whether to possess an individual or to take dominion over a region. One could contend, therefore, that starting in 2001, the United States became so disposed in following and not challenging unprecedented changes to longstanding U.S. policies, including the Christian rules for just war, that a powerful force known to the Illuminati as the “Moriah Conquering Wind,” a.k.a. “the angel in the whirlwind,” accepted the administration’s invitation and enthroned itself in the nation’s capital.

And because those clips get deleted off YouTube as fast as they get uploaded, here is a backup from Rumble:

Now back to Flynn….

Here is an excerpt of one of the most troubling parts of his “prayer”:

Flynn’s “Prayer” comes from an evil 1984 Poem:

When you research “Seven Rays” it just gets worse….

To be clear, all VERY evil.


And lastly, if you had ANY lingering doubt still at this point, let me obliterate it and prove how evil this is.

From the LucisTrust website (get it?  Lucis?  Like Lucifer?) here is there big write up about the Seven Rays.

Dripping with evil:

Thank you very much for this opportunity to share some of the teachings on the seven rays from the books of Alice Bailey. The concept of the seven rays was introduced by H. P. Blavatsky and later developed by Ernest Wood. Alice Bailey then developed the teaching considerably in a number of her books, especially A Treatise on the Seven Rays.

We might begin by asking, Why seven rays? Why not ten or twelve, for those are also numbers of considerable spiritual significance? The number seven features prominently in the human perception of structure of the world: the seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes of an octave; in occult cosmology the seven major planes and subplanes of existence, and in the calculation of time the seven days of a week. Then there are the seven sisters of the Pleiades, the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and the seven Spirits before the Throne of God. All are essentially living forces carrying the one Life into expression – seven great interpreters of the One Essence as it takes on form.

The cosmology of the Ageless Wiscom gives an explanation of the seven rays so profound, so occult that it’s beyond the grasp of the human mind, but to summarise and thereby grossly simplify it: As part of the initial Plan, the one Life sought expansion. Initially, that Life expressed in triple formation: as Life, Quality and Appearance, or Monad, Soul, and Personality; Will, Love, and Intelligence. The seven rays are the first differentiation of this divine triplicity: from three major rays, four minor rays unfold to reveal the sevenfold nature of divinity. Yet the seven emanations came forth from the central vortex, and as such are seven aspects of one whole and therefore interrelated. “Each of the great rays has a form of teaching truth to humanity which is its unique contribution”, Alice Bailey wrote, yet only in their composite do we understand nature of the One, of Deity.

She said “The endless diversity of forms hides a subjective synthesis. Man can therefore eventually see, expressing itself through all forms in all kingdoms, a universal septenate, and when this happens, he is entering into world of subjective unity, and can proceed on his way consciously towards the One. He cannot as yet enter into the consciousness of that basic essential Unity, but he can enter into that of his own ray-life, of the emanating source of his own temporarily specialised life.”

The energies which emanate from what is esoterically called the “heart of the sun” sweep through the planets in seven great streams and pour into human soul producing what we call awareness. These seven types of energy produce the seven types of souls or rays. These differentions are like the colouring that the prism takes when subjected to the rays of the sun. But the prism is one.

1st ray – The energy of Will, Purpose or Power, which is essentially the Will of Deity. This ray is of such dynamic intensity that it’s called the ray of the Destroyer. We are told that there is no true 1st ray type in incarnation yet, due to its potency. Perhaps the best example of the first ray’s potency is found in the mineral kingdom, for radium is said to hold the key to the mystery of the 1st ray. Courage is also an aspect of the 1st ray, but true courage is not a fighting courage or any sort of struggle to be what is called “brave.” It is the courage of sure knowledge, held steadily and without questioning in the midst of difficulty and discomfort.

Higher Expression: The science of statesmanship, of government.

Lower Expression: Modern diplomacy and politics.

Perhaps the words of great servers can add a human dimension to the quality of particular rays. Goethe, I think, touched upon the dynamic, initiating power of the first ray when he said: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” And the courage of the first ray lies behind the Christ’s promise: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

2nd ray – The energy of Love-Wisdom – the desire or love of Deity. This is not emotional desire, but desire as the great Law of Attraction – the capacity to draw to itself that which is loved. It’s the bond of coherence, the principle of magnetic cohesion which works through all creation of forms on every level, from a crystal to a solar system. All have been created to satisfy the desire of the Creator.

Higher Expression: The process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts.

Lower Expression: Religion

The inclusiveness of the 2nd ray is encapsulated in some words of Krishna: “Whatever path men travel is my path; No matter where they walk it leads to Me.”

3rd ray – The energy of Active Intelligence or, to reverse it, intelligent activity; the intelligent use of form building, of all creative effort, to reveal divine purpose.

Higher Expression: Means of communication or interaction. The radio, telephone, telegraph and the power to travel.

Lower Expression: The use and spread of money and gold.

The intelligence expressed through the 3rd ray is the authority the Buddha pointed his disciples to in his final sermon: “Be a lamp unto yourselves. Hold fast to the Truth as a lamp. Look not for refuge in anyone beside yourselves.”

4th ray – The energy of Harmony through Conflict. This ray produces beauty and works towards the harmonising of effects. Essentially, it is the refiner, the producer of perfection within the form so that the objective world becomes a true house of Light.

Higher Expression: Masonry, based on formation of hierarchy, and rules for admittance.

Lower Expression: Architectural construction. Modern city planning.

Perhaps the words of Julian of Norwich, the fourteenth-century mystic whose puzzlement over the existence of sin was appeased in the revelation that “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well”. This summarises the essential harmony that in time prevails when conflict has exhausted itself.

5th ray – The energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science. This energy has produced science and led to man’s comprehension of the natural world. Because it operates on the plane of the higher and lower mind and because “man” is literally “one who thinks”, the 5th ray has special significance to humanity.

Higher Expression: The science of the soul. Esoteric psychology.

Lower Expression: Modern educational systems and mental science.

Again, the words of the Buddha invoke the essence of the 5th ray: “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

6th ray – The energy of Devotion or Idealism. This ray endows man with the capacity to see the ideal, the reality behind the form. It endows man with the urge to penetrate behind the veiled and hidden realms. The past 2000 years have produced fantastic gains in the understanding of what were, to early man, “magical” realms. Christ hinted at this when he said “Greater things than I have done ye shall do.” Einstein also touched upon this urge to penetrate beyond the outer realms in his statement, “The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious. It is the underlying principle of religion as well as all serious endeavour in art and science.”

Higher Expression: Christianity and diversified religions. (Notice here relation to Ray II.)

Lower Expression: Churches and organised religions.

The devotion of the 6th Ray is perhaps best expressed by Jesus, the 6th Ray Master: “Whosoever would find his life must lose it for my sake.”

7th ray – The energy of Ceremonial Order. This is the coordinating capacity which unifies inner quality and outer tangible form or appearance. This ray primarily involves the etheric levels and thus governs the true magical work – the spiritualising of forms.

Higher Expression: All forms of white magic.

Lower Expression: Spiritualism – emphasis on form, “phenomena.”

The essence of the 7th ray is found in the familiar aphorism of Hermes Trismegistus: “As above so below.” The scientist David Bohm also touched upon the 7th ray in his theory of the Implicate Order, a new form of insight which he defined as Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement. A hologram is the symbol of the implicate order, he said: A total order is contained, in some implicit sense, in each region of space and time.

These are the seven rays, but it’s important to remember that all seven rays are subrays of the synthetic 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom: Basically speaking, the energy of love, expressed with wisdom, is the line of least resistance for the manifested lives in our solar system. “God is love” is a great truth, for love is the basic law of this solar system.

Don’t forget, Flynn’s brother is still a high-up commander in the Military.

Now we know why he’s still in there….

Makes sense now doesn’t it?


Gen. Charles Flynn took command of U.S. Army Pacific on Friday, vowing to continue transforming the 90,000-soldier force into one that can meet the challenge of a rising China.

“Today, as China trends on an increasingly concerning path, presenting challenge to the free and open Pacific, the Army is charged to change once more,” Flynn said during a livestreamed ceremony at Fort Shafter. Media were not allowed to attend the event.

Flynn — the younger brother of Michael Flynn, who briefly served as national security adviser under former President Donald Trump — took the reins from Gen. Paul LaCamera, who will move on to command U.S. Forces Korea.

Flynn arrived from Washington, D.C., where he had served since June 2019 as deputy chief of staff for Army operations, plans and training. He has been stationed in Hawaii numerous times, most recently as deputy commanding general at U.S. Army Pacific.

Adm. John Aquilino, the head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, welcomed Flynn back to Hawaii during an address at the ceremony.

“I’m going to ask you to focus on seizing the initiative by thinking, acting and operating differently, to continue to execute the integrated deterrence needed to ensure the free and open Indo-Pacific,” Aquilino said. “U.S. Army Pacific Command is a vital part of our approach to generate a lethal combined joint force distributed west of the international dateline that can be protected, sustained and capable of fully integrating with all of our allies and partners.”

Addressing the audience, the Army’s chief of staff, Gen. James McConville, praised LaCamera for his part in developing and testing the Army’s first Multi-Domain Task Force, which is aimed at coordinating air, cyberspace, land, maritime, space and the electromagnetic spectrum in a battle environment.

I’d love to know what you think.

Do you still trust Gen. Flynn?

Ok, and now for the newest video…

This really removes all doubt.

If you’ve doubted this entire article so far, now you need to watch this incredible footage.

This is Michael Flynn’s speech spliced together with the original “Ascended Masters” prayer to the Archangel Michael during a channeling session.

I dare you to watch this and not agree that what Flynn did was (1) not an accident, it was carefully planned out down to every last word, and (2) evil to the core.

This video should be set to autoplay starting at 1:31:50 but in case it doesn’t you want to jump to that time marker to watch the key part I am talking about:

And if (when?) YouTube deletes that video, I have a backup.

Watch the backup here on Rumble and remember to jump to the 1:31:50 mark to see what I am talking about:

Ok folks, after you’ve watch that clip, I want to hear what you think!

Sound off in the comments below…


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