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TRIGGER ALERT: Feminism Is A Scam


Feminism is a scam…but don’t take my word for it.

Nope, how about we listen to some actual women on the topic, sound good?

I know Democrats don’t even know what a “woman” is anymore, but let’s just move past that.

This post is for everyone who knows what a woman actually is.

So this is not the opinion of Noah, this is Noah reporting on what some pretty smart ladies are saying.

We start with Shannen Michaela who created this video that caught my attention.


That’s right, she said it!

And guess what….she’s right!

You know who else is right?

None other than Candace Ownes.

This one gets really heated but she’s right on, watch here:

And one more here:

I also thought this article from Evie Magazine was really good.

You can read the entire article here and a snippet is below:

Why the Nuclear Family Is the Feminist Public Enemy No. 1

Feminist theory states that the patriarchy is the reigning status quo of society. Therefore, to move towards a superior form of society, a revolution is necessary because women have to rise up and overthrow the patriarchy.

Keep that thought in mind, and you will understand why the lunatic fringe of the radical feminist movement truly believe that they’re victims of the patriarchal oppression of the cis-gendered, straight, white male.

This is why leading feminist thinker Jessica Valenti said, “Feminism is a structural analysis of a world that oppresses women, an ideology based on the notion that patriarchy exists and that it needs to end.” The only way to eliminate female oppression, feminists believe, is to change men and society, essentially disintegrating and reorganizing society in order to completely transform it.

To completely transform society, feminism tends to denigrate the traditional family and suggest that it is an outdated way of life.
To accomplish this transformation of society, feminism tends to denigrate the traditional family and suggest that it’s an outdated way of life. It’s why they hate the idea of the housewife and why they hate the women who choose to lead a life of domesticity. Vladimir Lenin himself promoted this same attitude, saying, “We want to achieve a new and better order of society: in this new and better society there must be neither rich nor poor; all will have to work.”

“All will have to work.” Gee, where have I heard this recently? Oh yeah, a feminist who advocated that it should be illegal for women to be stay-at-home moms. Time and time again, women are shamed for choosing to excuse themselves from the workforce because they are financially supported by their husbands. Notice how the same shame isn’t inflicted on women who are financially dependent on the government or on sugar daddies.

The Family as the First Line of Defense against Tyranny

Historically, the institution of marriage arose as a safeguard to the family. The basic family structure is what one would expect to provide the necessary support for a person to build a life that is independent from the interference of outsiders. A husband and wife will decide how to live their lives and how they will raise their children.

Whether a person is fortunate enough to have been born into a loving family, or if they have to build one around them which includes non-blood relationships, it’s a valuable part of life to have a family to love, as well as depend on in times of hardship. The other (inferior) alternative is to be dependent on the state for this need.

When you favor a worldview that tends to dissolve the stability of the traditional family, there is going to be enough social breakdown that will call for more government intervention in a person’s personal life. Strong stable families will prevent the rise of socialism/Marxism because when a person has a strong support system behind them in the form of their family, they need not seek the help of the state.

Here’s one more, also from Evie Mag:

Why Marxists Target Women Specifically

It’s certainly not a conspiracy to believe in the connection between women’s empowerment narratives and Marxist ideology. Lenin was open about his mission to destroy the nuclear family by pushing women into the workforce. You see, to a Communist, a woman who was spending her time taking care of her husband and children was a waste of a good worker who could be put to use for Mother Russia.

In fact, the “equal pay for equal work” slogan of today’s feminists was officially legislated for the first time by Lenin’s Bolshevik government. By pushing women out of the home, Marxists were able to achieve two goals at once. They destroyed the biologically strong glue of the nuclear family while doubling their workforce.

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The Connection between Feminism and Taxes

Though the anti-suffragette movement is not popular to discuss nowadays, traces of their arguments can still be found. By pushing women out of the home to make a living alongside their husbands, the labor force effectively doubled, keeping wages down for employers and drastically raising the number of subjects that the state can tax. This dramatically increased the wealth of those most wealthy and increased the reliance on and power of the state while making the single-income household, the last vestige of individual liberty, a relic of the past.

Nothing is supported by the state that doesn’t directly benefit the state. The federal government’s main objective is to continually establish and expand its power and dominion over the public. Feminism furthers this aim by incentivizing and persuading women to leave the home to work. Instead of raising their children and playing an active role in their education/religious upbringing, these roles are now outsourced, paid for and taxed by a mother’s income.

Pretty sure Evie Magazine is also ran and written by women, so if you have a problem with anything published here your problem is not with me…take it up with the wise and strong women referenced in this article.

Thank you for speaking out!

Truth will always rise up!


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