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15% of Vote ADDED to Raffensperger Primary Totals, Evidence from VoterGA Shows


Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger recently won his primary.

But it appears that 15% of the vote total may have been illegally added to his final tally.

This evidence comes from the nonpartisan watchdog group VoterGA.

The evidence they’ve released so far suggests that his vote tally may have been inflated by as much as 15%.

How was this discrepancy discovered?

By hand counting the ballots.

In fact, VoterGA called out Dominion by name when requesting the ballots:

I want to personally thank each of you for your commitment and dedication to ensure the accuracy of the 2022 Primary races by ordering a full hand count audit of the District2 Commission race. The hard work of the staff and volunteers has produced the real results and outcome that are totally different than the results and outcome the Dominion voting system reported.

Since your paramount duty is to ensure the accuracy of the election, you are now faced with the obvious need to
perform the same hand count audit for the other races. We want to join others in urging the board to do that on
behalf of all DeKalb voters including many who are our supporters. We are also glad to supply volunteers from the greater metropolitan area for that critical effort.

It is now imperative for the board to fulfill our May 24 Open Records Request (ORR) that seeks a copy of the
actual ballots produced independently of the voting system. We can accept this copy of actual ballots as a .JPG or another digital format. This copy, produced under your custody and control, will help prove for posterity that
the hand count audits conducted are the real results. The timing is urgent since the copies of the ballots must be
made prior to transmitting them to the clerk where they are then sealed.

Where is the mainstream media?

If this accusation was made against President Trump or a MAGA Republican such as Matt Gaetz or Marjorie Taylor Greene, don’t you think the media would be covering these allegations of fraud?

Yet… there appears to be no curiosity here about these damning results.

Two years after the 2020 debacle, you’d think the state of Georgia would have gotten its act together.

You’ll remember that Raffensperger was the one who didn’t want an audit of the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia.

Raffensperger was one of the people claiming that it was the “most secure election in history.”

Yet we continue to see more and more evidence that suggests otherwise.

The following is a complaint that was filed with the Georgia State Elections Board:


Perhaps the obvious needs to be explained. Election results can not be verified without knowing what the results are. This is analogous to signing loan papers to purchase a car without knowing how much the car or the loan costs.

In further affirmation as to the ludicrous state of affairs in Fulton County, one of the board members actually takes issue with a comment by Dr. Ruth regarding the importance of restoring confidence in Fulton County elections. Hank Johnson tells Dr. Ruth that he prefers the word “maintain” instead of “restore”. He says that it is proper to say “it’s important that we maintain confidence in Fulton County elections” as opposed to restore confidence because restore suggests that public confidence has been lost. Immediately thereafter he votes to recertify unknown election results changed by inarguably false reasons.

The certification of election results is an official act, duty and very serious responsibility. One which obviously and inherently requires command of the facts, understanding of the process and due diligence to authenticate and reconcile the results. All impossible without having the exact numbers, much less no numbers at all. Because proper certification could not have, and therefore did not occur, I seek the following true and proper remedy:

I ask that the Georgia State Election Board immediately call for an emergency meeting and vote to reject the Fulton County certification, followed by a proper SEB verification and certification of the Fulton County election results.

I also ask that the SEB open an investigation to find the true cause of any election results discrepancy and the reasons behind Mr. Olomo’s false statements to the Fulton County BRE. Considering that Mr. Olomo is also responsible for the UN-CERTIFIED poll tapes representing over 311,000 votes for the 2020 general election as detailed in a previously filed complaint, I ask that the SEB place Mr. Olomo on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Folks, this is not a partisan issue.

It is not a Republican or Democrat issue.

This is an American issue.

All of us need to have faith in the integrity of our elections if we are to survive as a nation.

All we’re asking for is transparency.

Why is the other side so unwilling to provide it?


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