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Huge Win: Missouri Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill. No Drop Boxes or Ballot Harvesting


In order to avoid another stolen election season in November, conservative legislatures are looking to close every loophole. Tools that could be exploited by unfriendly actors to skew the outcomes of elections happening in November.

What happened in 2020 was a travesty but it did show conservatives where the Left’s bodies were buried when it came to hijacking the democratic process.

It turns out that Missouri is the latest state to secure its elections through common sense guidelines. Senator Bob Onder of Missouri shared the news on his Facebook. You can see the announcement here:

The election integrity bill addresses many of the problems encountered in 2020. He mentions them in the video but the actual bill goes into great detail. It’s safe to say that voters’ voices will be much louder and well represented in this next election cycle in Missouri.

Here are a few snippets from the actual bill HB1878. These are the guidelines for receiving a provisional ballot. The bottom line, they are uniquely marked (harder to counterfeit) and a driver’s license is required to get one.

77 (2) No person shall be entitled to receive a provisional ballot until such person

78 has completed a provisional ballot affidavit on the provisional ballot envelope. All

79 provisional ballots shall be marked with a conspicuous stamp or mark that makes them

80 distinguishable from other ballots.

81 (3) The provisional ballot envelope shall be completed by the voter for use in

82 determining the voter’s eligibility to cast a ballot.

83 3. The provisional ballot envelope shall provide a place for the voter’s name,

84 address, date of birth, and last four digits of his or her Social Security number, followed 85 by a certificate in substantially the following form:

The form they have to sign takes up nearly 50 lines within the bill. It’s massive. Important things include that they must be handed in at the assigned ballot location and you must provide a current, non-expired state-issued form of identification.

103 The document contains an expiration

104 date and is not expired, or if expired, the

105 document expired after the date of the 106 most recent general election; and

You have to admit this is a great start. Just like Senator Onder mentions, no drop sites or ballot harvesting. Extensive cyber security and air-gapping of voting machines. We are well aware of how these practices (or lack thereof) swung key battleground states such as Georgia in 2020.

Of course, the liberal media has already begun calling foul, stating that this is another case of voter suppression. Interesting how when someone suggests accountability, the Left immediately gets angry.

For the most part, the response has been a huge sigh of relief. Let’s be honest, most Americans whether on the left or right want free and fair elections. It’s the whole reason we live in a representative democracy. For our vote to be represented.

Here’s to hoping other states follow suit so we can have a fair and honest election come November.

For those interested, you can view the bill in its entirety here.


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