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BOB JONES: The Honkers Prophecy…First The Geese, Then The Eagle!


As you know, we love to cover prophetic words here at WeLoveTrump from sources who are reputable (we don’t just post anything).

Any you likely know many of these names: Kat Kerr, Robin Bullock, Timothy Dixon, Manuel Johnson, Barry Wunsch, and many more (we no longer cover Hank Kunneman for this reason).

But there are two names you might not recognize as much, but they were giants in the prophetic before the rest of the names in this list.

The first is Kim Clement, who you may know of.

The second is Bob Jones.

Bob Jones is a legend.

Story after story after story abound about Bob Jones.

Truly wild stuff.

And today I heard another one of those stories that I absolutely had to share with you here because it is incredible and for exactly this time we are in!

First, I have to tell you this.

I had a few minutes this afternoon to finally tune in and watch something from my saved “Watch Later” list in YouTube.

I usually have an order of what I’m most excited to listen to, but today nothing felt right.  I cycled through 4 videos cancelling each one after just a couple minutes because I knew it wasn’t what I was supposed to spend my time on today.

Then I scrolled down to one I had saved recently from Barry Wunsch.

I started listening and it stuck.

Now here’s where it gets wild.

Barry suddenly starts talking about an old Bob Jones prophecy about the “honkers”.

My ears perked up on this.

Barry says there was an old Bob Jones prophecy from the early 2000s (I think 2005) where Bob Jones said “first the honkers would come, then the Eagle!”

That’s always how Bob talked.

He was seeing things in the future and it made sense to him, but for years people would debate what it meant.

Who are the honkers?

Is it talking about Geese?

But today it seems very clear.

The honkers are the truckers (these guys below) and the Eagle then becomes pretty easy to identify (America):


But that’s not all….

No I’m just getting started.

Here is Barry’s video if you want to watch, but then keep reading for a lot more:

So now my curiosity is piqued and I searched for more info.

And I came across this amazing lady: Annamarie Strawhand.

I can’t believe I have not heard of her before now, but you better believe I will be watching going forward.

She is covering the SAME Bob Jones prophecy from years ago and she has so many more details.

Not only that, but she starts explaining how over the past year God has been giving her a bunch of prophetic words about “Geese” going up to Canada.



She explains everything here and it’s really incredible:

And last, here is one of her original Geese prophecies from almost a full year ago.


And from Lou Engel, here is The Briefing explaining more about Bob Jones and the honkers:

The Gulliver Prophecy – In 2005, while at a conference in Ohio, Bob had a vision of a great man who, in the past, had fallen asleep. He was lying on his back half-covered in dirt and his name was Gulliver. Little people from a place of little input had tied him down, but he was beginning to wake up. As Gulliver (a depiction of the corporate Body of Christ in the nation) began to rise, Bob saw that his head was in Cleveland, his heart was in Columbus, his reproductive organs were in Cincinnati, his left hand was in Philadelphia, and his right hand in Indianapolis. Bob watched the cords that were tying him down begin to snap off like rubber bands. He could see that his left foot was in Charlotte and his right foot was in Nashville and when this Revival Man finally stood and broke off all restraints, he planted both feet in Atlanta. Bob said, “God means to take Ohio, and then move through the other cities.” He was shown that when it came to Atlanta, the whole South would be swept up in revival. 


Around the same time that God was gripping us at TheCall with Bob’s Gulliver vision, Bob’s widow Bonnie was visited by an angel and told to bring this word back to the Body of Christ once again. We were all deeply impressed that the time had come for Bob’s Revival Man to arise and that we must take seriously the cities and progression that God had shown. After meeting with several leaders in Ohio and finding a resounding faith among them, Azusa Now Cleveland was set for July 22-23 in Quicken Loans Arena.

Bob Jones once told us that there are the eagles that fly into the sun and receive revelation, but if you don’t have the wild geese “honkers” flying in V-formation in the second heavens, breaking through the principalities and powers, then the revelation of the eagle will not be manifested on the earth. Then, with a clear prophetic directive, Bob declared, “TheCall tribe is the honkers! You must breakthrough in prayer so that the prophetic visions of the eagles come to pass.” He acknowledged that there are prophetic purposes that were still hanging in the air waiting for intercessory honkers to bring them down. We understand that the Gulliver Prophecy is one of them. Therefore, in this window of time, we are calling men and women throughout Ohio and America to begin to intercede and decree the release of this prophetic promise. It is our conviction that we’ve come to a flashpoint moment for awakening and this moment must be seized! 

First the honkers, then the Eagle!

The Eagle is America but it is also Trump.

And here is a comment from a reader tying it all together:

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