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General Flynn Tells Alex Jones That ‘The Deep State Is Triggering A Civil War’


In an Info Wars exclusive interview, Host Alex Jones was able to interview General Flynn, Joe Flynn, and former CEO of Patrick Byrne.

Gen. Flynn warned Americans in the interview that the Deep State will orchestrate a controlled depression which will be a major financial manipulation or collapse.

Flynn also stated that the world should expect another major virus to come on the scene to launch a new wave of Covid-19 like shutdowns which will also trigger cyber shutdown.

Jones replied saying that the Davos group openly brags about using cyber attacks to bring in their reset and then use an economic collapse in the world economy to bring in a new global currency.

Jones went on to say that the World Economic Forum is now even warning people that a cyber attack is to come.

When Flynn and Jones talk about a cyber attack coming soon their not just talking out of their heads.

The World Economic Forum is warning people that a major cyber attack is coming and they’ll be the one’s with the solution to fix the attack.

Do you remember Bill Gates warning people of a pandemic in his Ted Talk?

Well, the World Economic Forum is foreshadowing what’s to come just like Gates, just check out one of their videos:

Info Wars had more on Flynn’s interview:

Alex Jones hosts a powerful discussion with General Flynn, his brother Joe Flynn, and Patrick Byrne over the Deep State’s plot to implode the nation.

This in-depth encounter between minds details how to stop the bloody civil war globalists are trying to unleash upon America.

Throughout the discussion, everyone expressed concern over what calamity the Deep State would use to foster a smooth transition to tyranny before the masses can galvanize into action – because as filmmaker Joe Flynn puts it, the globalists have “overplayed their hand.”

“I think the American people are truly waking up – I think the left has very much overplayed their hand,” said Joe Flynn. “But, will they continue to try to stuff things down our throat and do things to try to crush us? They may.”


“If we get through this winter, they’re going to know their goose is cooked. But what they do when their goose is cooked is what I fear.”

Likewise, General Flynn shared a similar sentiment, saying the elite will usher in a controlled financial depression – or even an outright crash.

“They’re going to continue to focus on: how do they maintain control or how do they get better control,” said General Flynn. “I believe that we’re going to see a couple of things… I call it a controlled depression – some type of financial manipulation or collapse.”

“There’s going to be a financial crash,” said Byrne. “The question is, do we emerge from the rubble as the USSA (the United Socialist States of America), or do we emerge as a USA stripped of the stuff that’s been going on since FDR did what got us here.”

If you would like to watch the full interview, you can check it out here:


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